Although he was ejected and watched the game from a restaurant, he cheered for the victory with the same heart as LG fans. This is the story of LG head coach Yeom Kyung-yup.

“I thought (Park) Dong-won was going to hit a home run. When he hit the home run, I stood up and cheered. It was like being in the stands. We cheered hard at the restaurant,” he said with a smile.

On the third day, LG won 5-4 against Kiwoom. Park Dong-won’s tying two-run shot in the ninth inning and Jeong Joo-hyun’s game-winning hit in the 12th completed the comeback. 먹튀검증

However, Yeom was ejected the previous day for protesting after a video review of a three-foot call. The original call was a throwing error by the third baseman, but Kiwoom requested a video review, which was later changed to obstruction of the base by Park Dong-won. Manager Yeom Kyung-yup then left his seat to protest, and was eventually ejected according to the rules.

The 3-foot rule continues to be controversial. This season alone, four managers have been ejected for protesting the three-foot rule.

Yeom stayed mum on the controversy and praised his players’ performance. In total, LG came from behind 28 times.

“The come-from-behind wins in the first half gave the team a chance to become stronger and unite,” Yeom said. The players don’t give up. Even if I don’t say it, the players spontaneously say things like, ‘It’s a one-chance game, we can turn it around’. It used to be that the staff would talk about it, but now it’s different. It makes a huge difference if the players have this mentality or not. “It’s a great thing that they have this mindset. As a coach, I’m very happy.” He expressed his satisfaction.

On this day, LG will start with Hong Chang-ki (right fielder), Shin Min-jae (second baseman), Kim Hyun-soo (left fielder), Austin (first baseman), Oh Ji-hwan (shortstop), Moon Bo-kyung (third baseman), Lee Jae-won (designated hitter), Heo Do-hwan (catcher), and Park Hae-min (center fielder). The starting pitcher is Lee Ji-kang.

Park Dong-won and Moon Sung-joo are the resting players.

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