A new variable has arisen in the national team ahead of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

It is unclear whether and when major leaguers such as Choi Ji-man (32, Pittsburgh Pirates), Tommy Hyeon-su Edman (28, St. Louis Cardinals), and Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres) will join.

According to the sports media ‘The Athletic’, San Diego notified the fielders participating in the WBC to join the team’s spring camp by mid-February. Contestants must follow the team schedule by early March.

If the club’s spring camp proceeds as reported by the media, Ha-seong Kim must complete team training in San Diego until early March.

Naturally, joining the national team’s spring camp seems unlikely. 안전놀이터 The national team is also setting up a camp from the middle of next month, because the training period and training period in San Diego overlap.

Nothing has been specifically decided, but it seems that the same major leaguers Choi Ji-man and Edmon will be in a similar situation.

The WBC is supervised by the MLB Secretariat, and it is not mandatory for major league players to participate in national team training. The schedule prior to the event must be determined by the affiliated team.

If they join in early March, the longest time to breathe is 10 days. The national team will anchor the WBC, starting with the game against Australia to be held in Tokyo on the 9th. In particular, Kim Ha-seong and Edman, whose timing of joining the national team is uncertain, are expected to form a key keystone combination in the infield. Decreasing time for them to combine can act as a variable for the national team.

Meanwhile, the national team will begin its full-scale schedule starting with spring camp in Arizona, USA in mid-February. In early March, after an evaluation match against local professional teams in Osaka, Japan, he will go to the first round.

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