For Um Won-sang (24), a striker of Ulsan Hyundai, a professional soccer player, 2022 was a year of joy and despair.

It is because he was not invited to the World Cup in Qatar, which he had dreamed of, despite wearing the uniform of the Tiger Corps Ulsan and lifting the championship cup. It was even more disappointing because he consistently wore the Taegeuk mark last year.

Still, young blood, who will be responsible for the future of Korean football, has no time to be disappointed. In the new year of the year of the cat, look higher. Eom Won-sang, who met at a club in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, where the fan meeting was held at the end of 2022, said, “Even though I did well in 2022, there was no mourning, but the fans’ regret was my trophy.” I am full of only wanting to become a better soccer player.”

Eom Won-sang’s will is clearly revealed in his actions, not words. I started exercising on the 12th of last month, even before the World Cup ended. Even with his performance in 2022, which was perfect for anyone to see, he found what he lacked.

Eom Won-sang said, “It is obviously true that he showed the best record (12 goals, 6 assists) and performance since his professional debut,” but said, “I saw a part where I could do a little better.”

That’s an important physical for a football player. Eom Won-sang is on the small side (171 cm, 63 kg), but commanded the K-League with his fast feet reaching 34.4 km per hour. His run, which cleverly avoided the fierce pressure and physical fights of the defenders, was excellent.

However, Eom Won-sang wanted to build a strong body that would not be pushed back even if he collided with an opponent in the new year. Looking back on the entire season, he explained that the uneven performances were ultimately caused by the burden of physical fights.

Eom Won-sang said, “A player’s confidence comes from his physical,” and “I want to build a body that won’t get hurt even if I bump into an opponent.” At the same time, he said, “Rather than growing in size, the goal is to grow the muscles in the body so that you don’t lose speed and don’t break down even if you bump into an opponent. Also, to prevent injury, you need to make your body stronger. It’s easier said than done, but he has to be successful as a footballer,” he added.

Unfortunately, the speed racers who symbolized Ulsan in the past joined the rival team.

Lee Dong-jun (25, Jeonbuk), who left for Germany in 2021 and returned, and Kim In-seong (34, Pohang), who returned from part 2 to part 1, are the main characters. Lee Dong-jun and Kim In-seong recorded 36 km and 35.8 km per hour, respectively, in Ulsan in the past, and 토토사이트 if you look at these records alone, they were faster than Um Won-sang.

Eom Won-sang said, “There are probably many things that fans compare the two players to me,” and added, “Both Dong-jun and In-seong showed a lot of things in Ulsan. Still, I have no desire to lose at speed. I have to win to win Ulsan. My first goal this year is 2 K-League 1 wins in a row.”

If Um Won-sang overwhelms his rivals and gives Ulsan another championship cup, he may be one step closer to another goal. It is a soccer team that will start competing on a blank page in March. The Korea Football Association plans to appoint a successor to former coach Paulo Bento by the end of February, who did not choose Eom Won-sang.

Eom Won-sang said, “All the players will be thinking of getting their eyes painted by the new coach,” and “I don’t want to miss the Taegeuk mark in the new year. I will show it as a result, not a vague will.” Then he said, “Looking back at the World Cup in Qatar, I fought to get into the 26th. In the new year, I want to compete in the best 11 competition. I want to finish with a smile in 2023,” he said.

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