“I have a problem.”

Samsung Lions catcher Kim Jae-seong (27) came to Samsung ahead of last season. Park Hae-min, who moved to the LG Twins on the condition of receiving a total of 6 billion won, was transferred to Samsung as a free agent compensation player. It was his first professional transfer after coming to Jamsil in 2015 after receiving the LG 1st nomination.

Kim Jae-sung had a career high season last season. After his debut, he played in 63 games, his most, with 54 hits, 3 home runs, 26 RBIs and 16 runs scored. He had a slugging percentage of 0.453 and an on-base percentage of 0.402. Because of his outstanding batting talent, he was sometimes used as a designated hitter instead of the catcher position, which was his primary position.

On September 16th, I couldn’t play in the game after the Doosan Bears match. He had to end his season prematurely due to a sudden rib injury. 온라인바카라 If it hadn’t been for the injury, Kim Jae-sung might have posted better results.
Currently, Kim Jae-sung is in the midst of training for the 2023 season spring camp held in Okinawa, Japan. Forgetting all the happiness and regret of his last season, he is focusing only on the upcoming season.

Kim Jae-seong, who we met at the Samsung training ground on the 26th, said, “It has been 9 years since I came to the pro this year, and this year is the most difficult. From the finish camp until now, the momentum has been tremendous. Of course, it could have been more difficult as a rookie. Didn’t know anything back then But now, if you know everything about the professional ecosystem, you think you know it, but it seems to be the hardest.”

Samsung’s spring camp is literally a series of hell training. The schedule is packed from morning to evening. While the 4-day training-1 day rest system is in progress, night training continues except for the evening before the rest day. During night training, not only the players come out, but all the coaching staff come out. I look at the players’ training posture, help them with training, and communicate with them what went wrong during training, adding strength to their growth.

Kim Jae-seong said, “I am so grateful to the coaches. From the hitting coach to the defensive coach and the battery coach, everyone comes out early in the morning. I’m trying to tell you one more thing. I want to do better, but the results are not coming out well.”

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