KT Wiz won their first demonstration game.

KT won 2-1 in the first match against Kiwoom Heroes held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 13th.

While head coach Lee Kang-cheol was leaving for Tokyo, Japan to lead the national team, KT was led by head coach Kim Tae-gyun on this day.

They allowed the first run, but with a solid pitching team, they won without missing the opponent’s mistake in the second half.

Starting pitcher Cho Yi-hyun scored 1 run in 3 innings, Eom Sang-baek (1 inning scoreless) – Lee Chae-ho (1 inning scoreless) – Park Se-jin (1 inning scoreless) – Son Dong-hyun (1 inning scoreless) – Kim Young-hyeon (1 inning scoreless) – Park Young-hyeon (1 inning) innings scoreless) kept the mound in turn. 원벳원 토토

In the top of the 8th inning, which was losing 0-1, the lead batsman assigned a hit and went out, followed by Jang Seong-woo’s true base, Alford’s defensive error at the plate, and Hwang Jae-kyun’s timely hit to tie the game. Afterwards, Kang Hyeon-woo’s hit ball followed by Ryu Hyun-in’s defensive mistake at bat turned the score around 2-1. It was the final point of the match.

After the game, head coach Kim said, “Overall, it is encouraging that the players are in good shape for the season,” and added, “I am also impressed by the pitching of the pitching staff, such as starters Cho Yi-hyun, Park Young-hyun, and Son Dong-hyun, who showed good performances at the camp.”

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