“We can be complete in August if we want to challenge for the top spot in the pennant race, which is our goal.”

The LG Twins have one goal this season: to win. The first goal is to win the pennant race. Last year, the Twins finished the regular season in second place after a strong showing, only to fall short in the Korean Series. We can’t afford to fail again, so we’re working harder and harder to reach our goal 먹튀검증.

So far, they’re getting close. LG is currently in a two-way tie with SSG Landers. The two teams seem to be swapping first and second place. They’re not setting an overwhelming pace, but they’re not slipping either.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yup sees the decider as August. SSG’s Kim Won-hyung is also a fan of the ‘August game’. For most coaches, the real test comes in the second half of the summer, after the All-Star break. It’s the most prone to injury variables as players’ fitness drops. If you hit your stride here, you can really hit your stride, and if you don’t, you’ll slip. Yeom already knows the importance of the second half of the season from past experiences.

However, the key for LG is to be at full strength in August. The team has had a lot of injuries, both big and small, but it also means that they have to find a solution by August. LG’s biggest concern is the mound and its domestic starters.

“After the All-Star break, it’s the second half of the season. (Kim) Yoon-sik and (Lee) Min-ho may not be back in the first team by then, so we just have to hold on until then, and what I want most is for (Lee) Jung-yong to take over as the starter, and I think the starting card can be stronger.” 안전토토사이트

He added that if Kim Yoon-sik and Lee Min-ho return to the first team, “If they come back and Jeong Yong-ui comes in, we have a lot of cards to play. We can do 1+1. If we can get one of Lee Jung-yong or Kim Yoon-sik in the No. 4 spot, everything will be smooth. We want to create a situation where we can rotate the fifth starter depending on the opponent, and if we do that, we can become a complete team that can challenge for the top spot in the pennant race.”

The challenge is to avoid further injuries. LG’s batting lineup is one of the most solid in the league, but there have been a few minor injuries that have sidelined key players. Yeom emphasized that the team shouldn’t have any more injuries in August, when the real battle begins. “We wanted to be perfect in June, but baseball didn’t prepare us the way it should have. Injuries kept piling up. I wanted the starters to be settled in June, but that didn’t happen. From August, I think we can really compete with the composition of our team and we are preparing like that,” he said.

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