Rumors of transfer of RCD Mallorca Lee Kang-in (22) are being reported every day. Atletico Madrid is the most likely destination.

On the 29th (Korean time), Matero Moreto of Spain’s ‘Lelevo’ said, “AT Madrid will continue to contact Lee Kang-in for the next 10 days,” adding, “Lee Kang-in and Atletico’s contract will not be a problem.”

Lelebo is a media that has already argued the transfer theory of Lee Kang-in several times. On the 23rd, it was reported that “Mallorca and Lee Kang-in’s separation was finally agreed upon” and mentioned the Premier League as their destination. The clubs mentioned at the time were Aston Villa and Newcastle, but this time, La Liga AT Madrid emerged as a leading destination.

It is not the first time that AT Madrid has made a love call to Lee Kang-in. Previously, AT Madrid offered 10 million euros (approximately 14.7 billion won) in January, but it was canceled because it did not reach the amount allowed for transfer (buyout). Mallorca coach Javier Aguirre claimed at the time that Kang-in Lee’s buyout was 30 million euros (approximately 44.1 billion won), but later claims of 18 million euros (approximately 26.4 billion won) sparked controversy. 크크크벳 At the time, Lee Kang-in indirectly expressed his dissatisfaction by ‘unfollowing’ the club’s social media (SNS).

On the other hand, Lee Kang-in’s recent amazing performance further fuels the transfer rumors. Lee Kang-in scored two goals in five league games in April. The dazzling ones were against Celta Vigo on the 18th and Getafe on the 24th. In the match against Celta, he successfully dribbled 9 times and was named the best player in the match (MOM) even without an attack point. Against Getafe, he scored his first multi-goal for a Korean in La Liga and soared even further. In particular, the key goal in the second half of extra time drew great attention as it alone broke through a distance of more than 70m. This goal was also selected as the best goal of the 30th round of La Liga.

Everyone was fascinated by Lee Kang-in’s brilliant performance. Mallorca expressed Lee Kang-in as ‘King’ on social media, and the La Liga secretariat praised him as “the architect of victory.” 

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