SSG Landers owner and Shinsegae Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin was indignant at the result of the previous day’s game.

On the 14th, Jeong Yong-jin said, “What kind of draw is baseball? If I lose, I lose, and if I win, I win. From the 12th episode, you have to ‘match the match’.”

He also added a hashtag, “Baseball is originally a game without a draw.”

One netizen said, “Brother, have some mercy on our Eagles. It’s not another team, it’s the Eagles.” Other netizens laughed at his humorous appearance, such as “I admit it.”

The previous day’s match between Hanwha Eagles and SSG Landers at SSG Landers Field in Incheon ended in a 3-3 tie after a bloody battle that lasted until the 12th inning.

Meanwhile, due to the Corona 19 pandemic in 2021, the KBO actively introduced a draw rule. In the end, that year, the largest draw game in KBO history came out, which led to controversy.

The KBO 토스카지노 is currently stipulated in Article 7, Article 1 (d) to declare a draw if the game is not tied even after the game has been played up to the 12th inning. Last year, in the Futures League, a secondary league, if there was a tie at the end of the regular innings, a game was played from the 10th inning until the winner was split. The batter entered the batting order of the previous inning, and the runners placed the players who were in the preceding batting order to the first and second bases, respectively.

This method was also introduced as an official rule in the US professional baseball league from this year after going through Corona 19.

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