Tottenham have a buy-back clause that could bring Harry Kane back to the club, it has been confirmed.

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy took part in a Tottenham fan forum on Tuesday evening local time. He was joined by Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou, Son Heung-min and the Tottenham women’s first team coach.

During the fan forum, Levy was asked about Kane’s move to Bayern Munich. Tottenham were forced to sell Kane this summer after he repeatedly refused to re-sign for Spurs. Levy faced criticism for selling one of the greatest legends in the club’s history to Munich. Fortunately, the criticism has been somewhat muted as Spurs have gotten off to a successful start under Postecoglou.

When asked about Kane, Levy gave a shocking answer: “We have a buy-back clause for Kane,” he said directly. A buy-back clause is the right of a player’s original club to buy him back if his new club agrees to a certain transfer fee.

Buyout clauses typically have two features: timing and money. You can’t bring a player back as soon as he’s transferred to a new team, so the buyback clause has to be triggered after some time has passed. In this case, the transfer fee itself is set at a certain amount, just like a buyout clause.

The fact that Tottenham has a buyout clause for Kane means that they can bring him back at some point. However, it is not yet known when Kane’s buyout clause will be triggered or how much it can be triggered for.

Kane recently said, “I’m always watching Tottenham, and I’ll be watching for the rest of my life. It’s great to see the team playing the way they are. It’s great to see the fans happy,” Kane recently said of his love for Spurs.

It’s also important to note that Kane would be interested in returning to Tottenham now that he’s achieved his goal of winning a title. Kane has made no secret of his desire to break Alan Shearer’s record as the all-time leading goalscorer in the Premier League (PL).


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