‘Super Match’ is back.

FC Seoul and Suwon Samsung will face off in the 8th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 (1st division) 2023’ at 2:00 pm on the 22nd at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Since the late 2000s, the confrontation between the two teams has been a hot topic in the domestic soccer world to the extent that it is called a super match. In the overall record, Seoul had 39 wins, 22 draws and 38 losses, leading with a difference of only one win.

The situation of the two teams this season is in stark contrast.

Seoul is announcing a smooth start, taking 4th place with 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses (13 points). The recent performance is not pushed even by the top teams. On the other hand, Suwon is in a swamp without a win in 7 consecutive matches (2 draws, 5 losses). From the opening game, they lost to the promoted team Gwangju FC 0-1, and after that, they did not win a win until the 7th round against Jeju (2-3 loss). Suwon and 11th place Gangwon (3 draws and 4 losses) were the only two teams that failed to win until the 7th round. Suwon eventually sacked manager Lee Byeong-geun on the 17th.  카지노

Seoul, which is performing more than expected, is aiming for victory to enter the top tier. 

The corner to believe is the attacking team. Recently, the performance of the attacking team has risen. He scored 13 goals and conceded 8 points while playing 7 games, but his hot offense is outstanding enough to be close to 2 goals per game. National striker Na Sang-ho has scored 4 goals in his last 3 matches and is ranked 3rd in scoring.

The change in team style also contributed to the rise in the rankings. Previously, Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo’s style was closer to the slow-paced ‘build-up soccer’, but this season, it is a ‘counter-attack style’ in which he actively collides with the opponent, steals the ball, and aims for the opponent’s goal at high speed.

Since Seoul had a slow tempo before, there were few opportunities to attack. But this season, counter-attacking football has produced more attacking opportunities. This leads to multiple goals and wins.

Coach Ahn said of the style change on the 8th, “It is thanks to the change in the team. He worked hard to improve his slow attack tempo. It’s still not enough, but changes have come. He has to develop further,” he said with satisfaction.

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