The major league interest in Lee Jung-hoo (24), the ‘grandson of the wind’, is hot.

Major League scout Lee Jung-hoo’s check began at Kiwoom spring camp. That interest has been transferred intact to the national team camp training.

More scouts are showing up at the national team training camp than during the Kiwoom camp. It may be because it is an opportunity to see other players besides Lee Jung-hoo, but above all, it does not change the fact that Lee Jung-hoo is at the center.

However, there is a mystery in Lee Jung-hoo’s recent scouting work.

The point is that clubs that said they had no interest in Lee Jung-hoo in the domestic league scouting report are flocking to the Arizona camp.

A team scout who said he was not interested in Lee Jung-hoo said, “It is clear that our team scout went to Arizona. But the reason cannot be revealed. 안전놀이터 It is true that I went to see Lee Jung-hoo, but I cannot say more than that. It’s not that I suddenly became interested. The club has its own reasons. I can’t tell you why there is interest in Lee Jung-hoo locally.”

No matter how outstanding Lee Jung-hoo is, it is impossible for all 30 major league clubs to be interested in him. Teams with abundant outfield resources are inevitably less interested.

Although the specific reason was not explained, it can be interpreted that there is an intention to accumulate data even now because there has been a lack of data on Lee Jung-hoo.

The scouts currently looking for Lee Jung-hoo’s Kiwoom camp are not in charge of Asia. They are local scouts to cross-check with the Asian team.

Since Lee Jung-hoo is so hot, it can be interpreted as an intention to secure information even now. It seems that he intends to directly examine what part of Lee Jung-hoo appeals to the major leagues.

As Lee Jung-hoo said, enough information about Lee Jung-hoo has already been accumulated. You don’t need to create new material. However, it can be interpreted that interest in how Lee Jung-hoo will show in a new environment is high.

It can also be seen as a way to minimize the potential impact of not scouting Lee Jung-hoo. When Lee Jung-hoo performed well after entering the major leagues, it can be seen that they are collecting data that can explain why Lee Jung-hoo was not selected.

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