The influence of monster Kim Min-jae (27) is enormous. It seems that even the direction of his team, Napoli, has changed.
On the 15th (Korean time), Spain’s Pichajes borrowed a report from Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport and said, “Napoli is aiming for Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) and Kubo Takefusa (Real Sociedad).” Napoli is a team that recently joined Lee Kang-in. Hvica Kvarachhelia and Irving Losanora have good attacking resources, but are attracting attention from other teams due to their excellent performances. While power loss is expected, they are trying to fill the void by recruiting Lee Kang-in. ESPN of the United States also explained, “Napoli are contemplating approaching Mallorca’s winger Lee Kang-in. Many clubs across Europe are enthusiastic about Lee Kang-in’s successful season.”

As is already known, Lee Kang-in is interested in several EPL teams, including Atletico Madrid (Spain) and Tottenham (England). He recently participated in Napoli and Real Betis (Spain). As much as that, Lee Kang-in has performed outstandingly this season. He scored 6 goals and 4 assists in 33 league appearances. His recent performance is one of the best in Europe. According to, a European football statistics site, in the past 10 games, it has received the highest rating of both teams 4 times. Lee Kang-in played full-time in the home game against Cadiz on the 13th, leading the team to a 1-0 victory. He won the Most Valuable Player of the Match (MOM) by Primera Liga even without an offensive point. Based on these performances, Lee Kang-in was also named as one of the 47 candidates for Team of the Year selected by the Primera Liga Secretariat. He was included in the midfield part. He joined Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric (Real Madrid), world class Toni Kroos (Real Madrid) and others.

Japanese striker Kubo is also showing good form with 8 goals and 4 assists in 31 league games this season. He scored the second most points on the team and had the most offensive points. Kubo wore a Sociedad uniform last year. He has been playing a key role since the first season of his transfer. It is the result of gradual growth. He drew attention as a member of Real Madrid Youth, Spain’s strongest team, but he continued his loan life without settling in the team. It’s finally time to show off your skills. Thanks to this, Sociedad is 4th in the league (62 points). It is likely to qualify for the European Champions League.

Lee Kang-in and Kubo are known to have a special relationship. A close friend that crosses borders. Kubo picked ‘Lee Kang-in’ as his best friend through an interview with Japanese media last year, and it became a hot topic among domestic soccer fans. Lee Kang-in also often commented on Kubo’s social media and showed off her friendship. The two also played together in Mallorca. Last season, Lee Kang-in and Kubo overcame tough competition in Mallorca. Lee Kang-in remains in Mallorca and is active as an ace. Kubo moved to Sociedad last summer and took on a new challenge. He also showed a good attack and received a passing grade. 메이저놀이터
Kim Min-jae’s role seems to be great for Napoli to send a storm of love calls to Asian players. Kim Min-jae, who wore the Napoli uniform last year, is considered the best defender in Europe beyond Serie A. He played in 33 league games this season, showing off solid defense in every game and leading Napoli to the Serie A title. It is the first time Napoli has reached the top of the league in 33 years since the 1989-199 season, when club legend Diego Maradona played an active role. Praise poured in toward Kim Min-jae. In fact, Kim Min-jae is close to a jackpot recruitment that no one expected. Following Jeonbuk Hyundai and the Chinese league, in 2021, Kim Min-jae moved to the prestigious Turkish club Fenerbahce and entered the European stage. He was recognized for his outstanding performance and transferred to Napoli after one season. Even on the Serie A stage, Kim Min-jae showed off his impregnable defense. He made his presence known by showing confident and tough defense against world-class strikers. Impressed by Kim Min-jae’s performance, Napoli are aiming for various Asian players. In addition to Lee Kang-in and Kubo, he is also linked with Japanese midfielder Daichi Kamada (Frankfurt).

Recruiting Asian players has the advantage of expanding the marketing market. Diario de Mallorca, a local Spanish newspaper, said, “Napoli has targeted Lee Kang-in and Kubo to strengthen the team’s position in the Asian market and attract more sponsors. In addition, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis said, “The Asian players discipline and workplace. We value culture,” he said.

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