A cloud of injury is already hanging over the Mets.

Newsday’s Tim Healy reported on March 7 (Korean time) that New York Mets Jose Quintana had a fractured rib.

Quintana took the mound in an exhibition game against the St. Louis Cardinals on the 6th, but went down the mound after one inning. He finished the first innings cleanly with 13 balls, but felt a strain in his left side.

According to Healy, Quintana suffered a small stress fracture in her left fifth rib. Quintana left Camp G Florida and headed to New York for her further examination. 예스벳 토토 The Mets team has yet to set a timeline for her return of Quintana.

Bad news for the Mets. Quintana, a 34-year-old veteran, was acquired by the Mets on a two-year, $26 million contract this offseason. Quintana, who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis last year with 165.2 innings in 32 games, 6 wins and 7 losses, and an average ERA of 2.93, was the starting pitcher chosen by the Mets to strengthen the mound, which actively entered the free agency market.

The Mets envisioned a five-man rotation of Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, Carlos Carrasco, Quintana and Senga Kodaly. But they are all players in their 30s. ‘Rookie’ Senga, who entered the major leagues this year, is 30 years old and is the youngest among the five players. Scherzer and Carrasco have been plagued by recent injuries, and Verlander turns 40 this year.

As they have older pitchers, there is no choice but to be concerned about injuries. The Mets faced an injury to their starting pitcher from the demonstration game.

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