Even in the historic victory between Argentina and Lionel Messi, there was a ‘tit of jade’. Excessive words and actions of former and current Argentine colleagues raised eyebrows.

Argentina, who played the final of the ‘2022 Qatar World Cup’ at Lusail Stadium in Lusail, Qatar on the 19th (Korean time), drew 3-3 with France after extra time, and won 4PK2 in a penalty shootout. This made Argentina the first World Cup champion in 36 years since the 1986 World Cup. 

It was a crucible of excitement. It is no exaggeration to say that fans all over the world, excluding French fans, wished for Messi’s victory. When the World Cup victory, which was Messi’s only flaw, was completed, the Lusail Stadium became festive. Messi smiled broadly and lifted the World Cup trophy.  안전놀이터

But there were moments of overemotion. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, who led the victory with a decisive save on the day, embarrassed those who tried to hold the ceremony by pointing it to his important part as soon as he received the Golden Glove. Martinez goalkeeper later became controversial when he was caught saying “Let’s keep silent for the dead Mbappe” in the locker room. 

Former Argentine national team player Sergio Aguero also made a mistake. Aguero came down to the ground after the game to congratulate his teammates. In the past, he directed Diego Maradona’s World Cup ceremony with Messi on his horse. 

However, in the locker room, he looked down on his opponent. Aguero turned on Instagram Live and was filming a locker room ceremony. When fans watching this mentioned French black midfielder Eduardo Camavinga, Aguero said “For Camavinga! Cara de pinga”. Cara means face in Spanish and Pinga means male genital organ. It is a Spanish swear word with a similar pronunciation to Camavinga’s name. 

With Messi on his back, Argentina received worldwide support in this tournament. However, the light behavior of his colleagues aroused people’s resentment. It was an imprudent move that could undermine a great championship.