Manchester United is determined.

British media ‘Express’ reported on the 10th, “Even in a situation where Manchester United cannot use Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood’s return is not in the plan.”

“Man United will not rush the decision to return Greenwood under any circumstances,” he added.

Rashford is leading Manchester United’s attack by scoring 15 goals and 4 assists in the league this season alone.

However, it fell. In the match against Everton on the 8th, he was replaced by Boot Verhost in the 36th minute of the second half and left the ground.

Rashford suffered a groin injury and is said to be out of action for some time.

Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag said: “I can’t talk about Rashford’s return right now. I am not a doctor. You have to wait. I will watch for an accurate diagnosis,” he sighed in regret.

The possibility of using Greenwood has been raised in a situation where Man Utd cannot use Rashford.

Greenwood was investigated by the police on charges related to sexual assault. This is because a woman known as her girlfriend allegedly sexually assaulted her when she posted pictures and videos of her on social media.

Greenwood was later arrested and questioned by the police. 안전놀이터 Manchester United have ruled out training and matches until the incident is resolved.

Greenwood was recently acquitted by the court due to the dropping of the charges. This is a situation where a return to Manchester United is possible.

However, as the atmosphere against the joining of a player suspected of a crime was strongly detected, United fell into trouble.

Man United is not in a hurry to use Greenwood even though their core power is missing.

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