The Lotte Giants have made a lot of unorthodox moves in the rookie draft in recent years.

The Giants have made a number of unorthodox moves in recent years, including selecting Duksugo’s Nae Seung-yup, who seemed to be headed to the U.S., strategically selecting Gangneung’s left-hander Kim Jin-wook, and defying expectations by selecting Whimun’s infielder Kim Min-seok in the first round. This year, however, there were no such unorthodox moves, and instead, the Giants had a quiet and uneventful draft.

Lotte Giants make timely picks across all positions
talent at the right time

The Lotte Giants made the following selections in the 2024 Rookie Draft, which was held on Thursday at the Grand Ballroom of the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul.

1st Round: Gyeongbuk High All-Arounder Jeon Mir (Youth Representative)
2nd round: Busan High School-Songwon University pitcher Jung Hyun-soo
3rd round: Daegu Sangwon High infielder Lee Ho-joon
Round 4: Yushin Pitcher Park Jun-woo
Round 5: Cheongju University infielder Kang Sung-woo
6th round: Whimungo pitcher Park Sung-joon
Round 7: Deoksugo Outfielder Lee Sun-woo
Round 8: Hyumungo Infielder Ahn Woo-jin
Round 9: Seoul High Outfielder So Han-bin
Round 10: Seoul Motors Pitcher Jeon Ha-won
11th round: Yatap University infielder Yoo Jemo

It’s a good combination of the optimal number of players to select in each round. Selecting Jeon Mir, who has solid fundamentals, in the first round was a foregone conclusion. As long as he settles into either pitching or hitting, he’s a prospect who can do more than just the basics. It’s also impressive that he showed so much ambition as the MVP of the Cheongnyonggi Championship. His determination to give his right arm for Lotte is admirable.

Left-hander Jung Hyun-soo, who made a name for himself through JTBC’s Strongest Baseball, will also be wearing a Lotte uniform. He was originally from Busan High School and played baseball in Busan, so it will be important for him to show what he can do in his hometown. His curveball and other pitches are excellent, so he could make his first-team debut before Jeon Mir.

Daegu Sangwon High shortstop Lee Ho-joon, whose defense is said to be better than Park Jin-man’s at Incheon High, was also selected. He’ll have to compete with a lot of existing infield options, but it’s rare to find a prospect with that level of defense. It is likely that he will make the first team as a center fielder first. His speed and batting ability are above average, so he will need systematic development.

Park Jun-woo, the “handsome pitcher” of Yushin, is a promising prospect who has done his part to help his team through difficult moments. With a fastball that reaches nearly 150 kilometers, it’s a wonder how this talent made it to the fourth round. He has an excellent fastball and a lot of guts, so he’s a great prospect. Cheongju infielder Kang Sung-woo, Whimungo pitcher Park Sung-joon, and Deoksugo leadoff man Lee Sun-woo were also good picks in the right order.

Lotte’s good fortune came in the lower rounds, where they got some unexpectedly good talent. Whimun Go infielder Ahn Woo-jin and Seoul Go outfielder So Han-bin were taken in the middle rounds. Both Ahn, who has a good batting average, and So, who has a passing grade for long balls, could be first-team backups depending on how they perform.

Auto-go pitcher Jeon Hae-won is a strategic choice looking three to four years down the road, while Yoo Jemo, who played at a local university, is said to have improved after experiencing the High School vs. College All-Star Game 스포츠토토.

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