I’ve heard that the military changes people, but I haven’t heard that it changes people’s lives. I can say this because I personally served in the military. Especially when it comes to how a soccer player’s life changes while in the military. 바카라사이트

Cho Kyu-seong, who returned to Jeonbuk Hyundai, experienced that special experience. It is now difficult to find the appearance of a young player who looked like Jeonbuk was burdensome. Cho Kyu-seong from when he joined Jeonbuk and now Cho Kyu-seong exudes a different atmosphere. In the past, if there was a strong feeling of being the successor of Lee Dong-guk, now there is a sense of weight unique to Cho Kyu-sung. His halo, worthy of the name of the Republic of Korea national team striker, was great.

Just because the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is approaching, it is not possible to recognize Cho Kyu-sung only as a national team striker. Cho Kyu-seong is no longer a promising player for Jeonbuk. He has to take on the role of leading the best club in Korea. ’10’ of Jeonbuk. Many players dream of it, but it is not a number that everyone can have. He can only have it if he shows the qualities to bear that much weight.

Cho Kyu-seong, whom I met at the Jeonbuk clubhouse, felt like a player who could overcome the weight of number 10. If you think he felt that way because of his ‘bulky up’ body, you’d be wrong. Cho Kyu-seong was not a player who was conscious of the expectations placed on him and the pressure that resulted from them. He was just having fun.

And Cho Kyu-sung had confidence. Confidence as if you could realize your dream in reality. It is like a miracle that the image you imagined in a dream is realized in reality. Currently, Cho Kyu-seong is running towards his miraculous path.

The first scorer in his career, and that’s K-League 1. In addition to the top scorer, Jeonbuk’s victory, World Cup promotion, and even success in the World Cup. Every word of Cho Kyu-sung gave me the confidence that he could achieve all of his dreams. It wasn’t empty words, Cho Kyu-seong was thinking of achieving everything.

Q. It seems that you joined without enjoying your last vacation ahead of your discharge.

A. Manager Kim Sang-shik told me to rest at home since all the players are away from the Asian Champions League (ACL). I rested for about a week at home. I don’t think there is a feeling that I didn’t enjoy it. He said that we should prepare for the league right away, so it’s not regretful or anything like that. It seems more so because there is a World Cup this year. 바카라사이트

Q. You returned to Jeonbuk, your ‘parent’. Has there been any change in Jeonbuk before and after enlistment?

A. There is not much difference. It’s just the difference between having (Lee) Dongguk hyung and not… He’s the most influential senior in the soccer world. I think it played a big role in setting our mood when we were together. Now, other veterans such as (Choi) Chul-soon hyung, (Kim) Bo-kyung hyung, and (Kim) Jin-soo hyung are doing well by sharing those roles.

Q. Do you often communicate with Lee Dong-guk?

A. I contact you to say thank you when you comment on the national team game or often. Also, my family calls me saying, ‘When you comment, you talk well about yourself’. That’s why I sometimes contact you to say thank you.

Q. It is evaluated as a hidden card in the K-League 1 championship competition. Wasn’t it burdensome?

A. When I came back to Jeonbuk, the hyungs and director Kim Sang-shik said something similar. In particular, the hyungs said, ‘Now you have to do it’ and ‘I need you’. Director Kim Sang-sik also directly told me, ‘It’s like recruiting a mercenary,’ as he said in an interview. I was welcomed this far, and the director thought of me this way, so there was no pressure at all. I just want to work hard to win together.

Q. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t greedy for the top scorer.

A. Players, coaches, and coaches all say, ‘Shouldn’t we be the top scorer?’ I am not greedy for being the top scorer. After coming back, I didn’t score a goal in 2 games, but I think the team is getting better with a better performance than before. I am satisfied with that. Still, if I score a goal and the team wins, it’s a better situation. Because he is a striker, he is greedy for goals.

Q. The top scorer isn’t the only goal. The difference between Ulsan and Hyundai is 5 points. There is an evaluation that a reverse win is possible enough.

A. It suddenly decreased in 2 games from 10 points to 5 points. Both me and the players honestly seem to be thinking, ‘Isn’t the winning DNA coming back to life?’ The team has gained a lot of confidence. There is a feeling that ‘we will win in the end’. I am also here to win. We have already won 2 matches, and the goal is to win all remaining matches. It seems so. There is also confidence.

Q. You said you wanted to stick with Kim Young-kwon, the core of Ulsan and Bentuho.

A. Young-kwon. His older brother plays a big role in his national team. I feel reassured as the eldest brother. But Ulsan is a rival. He is a player who has to stick with anyway. I learn a lot while playing with Ulsan and in the national team. (Young-kwon hyung) has plenty of room. It seems that the experience cannot be ignored. I said that in the sense that I can go up a notch only when I overcome that difference.

Inter Football says: Here is an excerpt from an interview with Cho Kyu-sung of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. An exclusive interview with Cho Kyu-seong, who talks about the World Cup, will be included in the November-December issue of the Korean edition of PopoTwo. You can purchase the Korean version of PopoTwo at the Smart Store (IF Megastore). thank you.

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