“I think Korean baseball is still weak.”

‘Korean Express’ Park Chan-ho shared his candid thoughts on the competitiveness of Korean baseball. Kiwoom Spring Camp recently talked about the above at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. I didn’t predict specific results, but I thought it would be a tough competition. Park Chan-ho works as a commentator for a broadcasting company and shares WBC.

Park Chan-ho said, “The strength of Korean baseball is the mesh teamwork. It is important who becomes the leader and gets together well. Did you expect a semifinal at the 2006 WBC? I was there too, and Captain Lee Jong-beom was there. Senior Lee Jong-beom called me and said, ‘People around me are trying to separate the foreign and domestic groups, but let’s not be fooled and do it properly. 스포츠토토 We are a small country, so players who have grown up together since childhood can quickly unite.”

In fact, it is evaluated that LG coach Lee Jong-beom demonstrated strong leadership in the first WBC in 2006 and laid the foundation for the players to unite as one. However, the culture has changed a bit these days. Park Chan-ho also said, “Korea is a culture that listens to captains and leaders, but it must be different now with many MZ generations.”

Still, I think it’s important to unite around a leader or captain. Park Chan-ho said, “We can come together well soon. If you have a good leader and captain, you can unite even if your strength is a bit weak. Baseball is something that one pitcher can win. We only need Australia to win.”

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