Returning to the Korean league, I met head coach Lee Young-taek, who this time wore the jersey of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea. Entering the gym, he greeted, “Ah, I’m not a coach anymore, I’m just a coach.”

On the 4th, IBK posted a welcome post on the club’s official SNS, saying, “Introducing the new coaching staff of the IBK Altos Volleyball Team” and welcoming the recruitment of head coach Lee Young-taek. 

After retiring from active duty in 2009, coach Lee Young-taek, a former middle blocker, has built a leadership career through Hyundai E&C and KGC Ginseng Corporation. Afterwards, he was appointed as the official director of Ginseng Corporation in 2020, but put down the baton at the end of the 21-22 season.  

The 22-23 season led men’s volleyball. However, it is not a domestic league. Coach Lee was appointed as the head coach of Palembang Bank in the Indonesian league and departed with Song Joon-ho of Hyundai Capital. However, Palembang Bank had a disappointing result of 7th out of 8 teams. After that, the coach returned to Korea again. After taking a short break, he started building his leadership career again at IBK.

It was last Monday (April 24) that I joined the squad. I was able to briefly hear about the recruitment process from Coach Lee, who I met with this magazine on the 3rd at the Yongin Training Center. He said, “I went to Indonesia and took a short break at home.” . ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Coach Lee seemed to have lost a lot of weight compared to his last season in Korea as a coach. The coach who sat across from me told me the story of the Indonesian league.  

A lot of stories came out. “It was too hot because the heating was poor” was the most common comment. Sitting with a paper cup in hand, the coach laughed, saying, “Someone showed me a picture of an intravenous injection and skipped training saying, ‘My family is sick.’ However, they did not impose sanctions on the players concerned. In addition to the communication problem, the story about the poor facilities and the anecdote about Song Jun-ho, who was said to have enjoyed idol-level popularity, were also solved in small ways.

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