Two days ago, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced plans for a dome stadium in Jamsil, and LG manager Yeom Kyung-yup, who has to live in three rooms, shared his reflections on baseball after leaving a bitter note.

The city of Seoul announced plans for a dome stadium in Jamsil on the 18th. The plan is to create a world-class “sports and MICE complex” in Jamsil, including a dome ballpark, and a waterfront eco-cultural space along the Han River.

According to the city of Seoul, the existing Jamsil Stadium will be demolished after the 2025 season, and construction of the dome will begin in its place. It is planned to be completed by the end of 2031.

“The dome shape allows for stable operation without being affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain and heat waves,” the city said, adding that it plans to create a hotel in conjunction with the ballpark to provide a unique experience in various hotel spaces such as rooms, restaurants, and fitness.”

Prior to the announcement, the KBO, Doosan and LG had requested to use Jamsilju Stadium as a temporary venue. The city of Busan is also considering using the nearby Asiad Stadium as a replacement while building a new stadium on the site of Sajik Stadium. Seoul, however, objected due to safety concerns.

So suddenly, Doosan and LG are in a three-way battle. Doosan and LG are looking at using one of the Gocheok SkyDome, Incheon SSG Landers Field, Mokdong Stadium, or Suwon KT Wiz Park as a temporary home.

For Doosan and LG, it’s an embarrassment. ”The most important thing is the fans of Doosan and LG. “The most important thing is the Doosan fans and LG fans. “This is the first issue that the city and the club should agree on. The fans should be the first priority,” he emphasized.

“The opinion of the KBO and the clubs is to use a general sports center. Even though there are safety concerns, we should never rule out a sports complex,” he said. “It is most convenient for fans to come to the stadium right next to where they already play. Of course, safety issues are important. It’s something that the city and the club need to address. If the walkways are narrow, they can be made wider, or there can be more construction. I don’t think it’s difficult,” he reiterated.

With the announcement, Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium and Jamsil Baseball Stadium, both of which were the birthplaces of Korean baseball, will disappear. Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium was built in 1959 and demolished in 2006. It was also the site of the opening ceremony of the 1983 Korean Baseball Organization. 

Director Yoon Kyung-yup made his remarks while recalling the demolition of Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium in particular. ”The demolition of Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium is the worst. It killed the commercial district of Dongdaemun. If there was a dome over Dongdaemun, it would have completely revitalized Dongdaemun. If there was a hotel there, foreigners would have come and the economy would have improved. 15,000 people would have poured into Dongdaemun every day,” he said. 메이저사이트

He continued, “Baseball players should have moved, and the baseball association should have moved. In the end, baseball players are stupid. We missed the sweet spot. When Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium disappeared, baseball people didn’t demonstrate. Everyone should have united at that time. Baseball people should reflect.” He raised his voice.

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