I think the expression ‘drama without a script’ would be the most appropriate. Oh Jae-il (Samsung) hit a come-from-behind home run against Doosan in Daegu on the 27th, giving the team a 7-6 victory.  

Oh Jae-il, who started as first baseman 5 times that day, stepped down with a catcher strike not out in the 3rd inning 2 out 2nd base chance, and struck out 3 pitches as the lead batter in the 6th inning.

Did you say ‘three times’? In the third at-bat, he showed off his DNA as a solver. She faced Jeong Cheol-won, who was the rookie of the year, in the 7th inning, 3-6 behind, with two outs and a full base chance. With a 3B-1S advantageous ball count, she attacked the 5th fastball (145km) and blew it out of the fence in the middle right. The flying distance is 120m. 

“I hit a (home run) after a long time, but I thought (the ball) would pass. I judged it to be the timing of the fastball unconditionally with an advantageous ball count. A missed pitch came in and luckily led to a home run. I was able to feel a little less sorry for my teammates.” This is the feeling of Oh Jae-il’s grand slam home run. 

Jae-il Oh revealed the contents of the conversation he had with Jose Pirella ahead of the game that day. He said, “When Pirella trained, he instilled confidence, saying, ‘We can both do well. Now we just need to survive. It’s time to hit.’ 먹튀검증

Jose Pirella kicked off the pursuit by bursting a two-run arch in the third inning with the score trailing 0-5. Oh Jae-il said with a hearty smile, “I was very envious of Pirella’s home run, but when I hit a home run in the 7th inning, Pirella was happy as if it were his own.” 

Oh Jae-il, who showed a sluggish appearance with a batting average of 104 and 3 in the last 10 games, announced a rebound with a dramatic blow. 

“The pace should come up quickly, but it seems to stay where it is. I was worried rather than worried, but I think it’s over 20 games and it’s time for (hitting pace) to come up. I got a good hit today, so it’ll get better.” 

Oh Jae-il has been sluggish in April, but in May, he has repeated the pattern of regaining his appearance as if he had never done so. In response, “I wish I knew the solution. I’ve trained a lot and haven’t done this or that. I’m not sure what to do. The positive thing is that hits come out one by one when it’s important.” 

On the other hand, coach Jin-man Park expressed satisfaction after the game, saying, “Jae-il Oh hit a decisive come-from-behind home run. Pirella’s sense of hitting is also reviving. Overall, it is encouraging that the team’s batting line seems to be on a good trend.”

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