Lee Hyun-joong, who has completed rehabilitation, continues his challenge in the United States again.

On the 13th, a press conference was held at Hotel Peyto Gangnam, Seocho-gu, Seoul. He suffered an instep injury during a workout with the Charlotte Hornets in June of last year, and returned to Korea and devoted himself to rehabilitation until recently. 바카라 And he stood in front of reporters for the first time in a long time.

Lee Hyun-joong will leave for the United States on the 15th and continue his challenge for the NBA. After dropping out of the NBA draft last year, he can sign with all 30 clubs. At present, it is likely that he will go through his lower league, the G League, and aim for his NBA debut. The following is a Q&A with Lee Hyun-joong.

Q. What are your departure schedule and future plans?
I will be leaving for the US this Sunday (15th). When I arrive, I plan to meet Dr. Perkel, who performed the foot surgery. I’m going to listen to the doctor’s opinion on my physical condition and decide on a schedule later.

Q. How is your current physical condition?
I consider myself 100%. I haven’t heard from the doctor yet. I only worked out in Korea, but I didn’t work with players in the US. I feel like it’s 100%, but I think I’ll have to try it once.

Q. It must have been difficult during the rehabilitation period.
It was my first serious injury while playing basketball. He suffered a lot and was mentally exhausted. But as time goes on, if you struggle alone, it becomes poison. I think it’s a good opportunity to take care of my body. When I met better players, I realized how to use my body and how to build a good body. It was a good experience for me.

Q. Did you feel that it was a serious injury at the time of your injury?
During a workout, my foot was pressed and bent. As soon as I got hurt, I immediately felt that something was wrong. It was painful and painful without thinking. I grabbed his leg and went straight to the hospital. I want to tell you that I had a hard time with the past me who overcame rehabilitation.

Q. You must have been disappointed with the results of the NBA draft.
Disappointed at the time. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Disappointed and frustrated, I was down on my own. However, I realized that if I stay in the past, it will not help me in the present and future. So I tried to overcome it quickly and turn the crisis into an opportunity. I thought about how to become a better player.

Q. How much has your physical ability improved numerically?
During his junior year at Davidson University, he weighed between 90 and 91 kg during the season. He is now between 98 and 99 kg. Even though I have gained weight, my body is not heavy at all. Rather, I got to use my body well. The speed didn’t decrease, it increased. I think I did a good job bulking up.

Q. Is there any injury or trauma?
Trauma is also mental. When I first started rehabilitation with Dr. Kang Seong-woo, I went and trained wearing the same clothes I had at the time of the injury. Of course I’m scared. I was in a lot of pain for several months, but Dr. Kang Seong-woo made me feel better by using everything I could. Dr. Kang Sung-woo, Dr. Kim Jin-soo, (Choi) Jun-yong (SK) Lee hyung, and (Lee) Dae-sung (Gas Corporation) Lee hyung helped precious people to escape from trauma.

Q. How long did you rehabilitate and how did you feel when you first played the pick-up game?
It’s been 6 months since I rehabilitated. I took off the cast, rehabilitated for two months, and played my first pick-up game in September of last year. At the time, he was limping and did not defend, only shooting and running lightly. He said he was happy even when he jumped like that. I realized how much I love basketball. I was more motivated because I knew how important basketball is.

Q. Are there any NBA teams that actually showed interest?
Nothing has been decided yet. I will make no comment.

Q. You made friends with Kim Yeon-kyung in the US. What kind of conversation did you have?
Isn’t Kim Yeon-kyung noona also a top-class volleyball player? She was asked how she overcame the pressure of the media. She told me that to be a star, she had to carry that stuff, so just have fun with it. These words are her most memorable.

Q. I think the performance of Yuta Watanabe (Brooklyn), who is currently active in the NBA, may have motivated you?
It’s too stimulating. A player I really admire. He went to college in the same conference as me for four years before dropping out of the NBA draft. And while wandering around the G League, he won an official contract. He never feared failure and continued to take on challenges. Watching Watanabe play, I thought that he had to attack like that. I learned a good mindset and received a lot of stimulation.

Q. What does the US challenge mean?
Personally, I don’t think failure is bad. You have to fail to succeed. Failure is an opportunity to make up for it. Even if you keep failing, you can try. Everyone told me I was a failure, but I learned a lot. It is a part that can be improved through experience, so there is no fear of failure.

Q. Do you have doubts about whether Koreans will succeed in the NBA?
I don’t care about that. It’s a challenge that I like. On the contrary, such people stimulate me more. Rather, I think he said that because he was envious of me challenging myself towards my dream. In a way, it’s really sad.

Q. Do you feel that you have become stronger through your injuries?
definitely got stronger. Dr. Kang Seong-woo took care of him every day for six months and made his body so good. It seemed like I didn’t know how to use my feet well. Suffering a foot injury prevented further injury. Rather, I think I was lucky.

Q. What is your resolution for the future?
It’s a challenge that I like. Even if I fail and get frustrated, I will rise again like a zombie. Even if I fall down, I will get up again and continue the challenge.

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