“I ran to the death for the Daegu fans. I love you, Daegu fans!”

Go Jae-hyeon, who led Daegu FC’s first consecutive win with two goals in a row, conveyed his feelings toward the fans right after the Daejeon expedition on the 20th.

Ko Jae-hyun’s Daegu won the match against Daejeon Hana Citizen in the 14th round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’ held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 20th. It is Daegu’s first consecutive win this season, following the 2-0 victory in Gwangju. The balance of the tense game was broken in the extra time in the first half. Ko Jae-hyun, who inherited Hwang Jae-won’s cross, broke the net with a calm shot, overcoming the Daejeon defense. 2 goals in a row following the away game in Gwangju. He scored his 5th goal of the season.

In an interview with broker Coupang Play right after the thrilling away win, Ko Jae-hyun gave all the credit to the fans. “I came today with the mindset that I will definitely win, but as you can see, I am grateful that so many fans came today. I ran one step further for them and ran to my death, and I am happy to be able to repay them with a victory,” he said.

Regarding his impression of getting back together with Sejingya after a long time, “Sejingya is a player who gives strength to the players just by being there. With the return of ‘King of Daegu’, I was able to play better because I had more space. Thank you so much.”

Ko Jae-hyun was recorded as the player with the most sprints in the K-League in April. According to the ‘April K-League 1 activity data’ announced by the Korea Professional Football Federation, Ko Jae-hyun ran a total of 70.17 km, ranking third in this category and overwhelmingly ranking first in the number of sprints (244 times) and distance (4.987 km). . Regarding this, Ko Jae-hyun said, “I saw the record too.” 메이저사이트 “It’s been a habit since I was young to run a lot. Daegu soccer seems to have a lot of sprints because I have to get out of my position in a counter attack. I do it according to the team style, so there are a lot of sprints. “I replied like a team player. Regarding the evaluation that Daegu’s organization has improved by winning two consecutive clean sheets, Ko Jae-hyun said, “Daegu soccer is a defense-oriented soccer, so it can’t be done in one or two years. It has become stronger as we keep pace for a long time.” He looked back on the reason, saying, “There is a point of immaturity when you look at it when it is difficult, but the players talk a lot, have a lot of meetings, and prepare well, so we became a strong team.”

Ahead of the match against Suwon in the 15th round, he promised to do his best for the fans. “For the fans who support us, we will only repay the results on the field. “Thank you for making all the stadiums like home stadiums. I really love you, Daegu fans,” he said.

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