There is a team that wants Eden Hazard (32) from Real Madrid. However, he is expected to remain on the team.

Spanish media ‘Marca’ reported on the 17th (Korean time), “The Montreal club of the US MLS wanted to recruit Hazard, but expressed its will to conclude a contract with Real Madrid.”

“Hazard said he would not leave the team. He did not change his mind despite Montreal’s offer. Now he is happy at Real Madrid.”

Hazard joined Real Madrid from Chelsea in the winter of 2019. Real Madrid boldly invested in him with less than a year left on his contract. The transfer fee was a whopping 100 million euros (approximately 145.2 billion won). Here, he expressed great expectations by giving him the number 7 used by legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Contrary to expectations, the appearance of commanding the English Premier League (PL) has disappeared. He has been plagued with injuries since the transfer. He is showing a shabby performance of 7 goals and 12 assists in a total of 75 games wearing a Real Madrid uniform. He has one goal and two assists in just 10 games this season. He started only 2 out of 6 matches in La Liga.

Due to frequent injuries, he rarely appeared on the field, and even when he did, his condition deteriorated. The same goes for this season. Since moving to Real Madrid, he has never played more than 25 matches. 토토사이트

The Azar contract ends in June 2024. There are also reports that Real Madrid may sell him because of his high weekly wage level. However, it is not expected that many clubs will receive Hazard, who has a high ransom and poor performance.

According to the British media ‘Daily Mail’, Azar is receiving 400,000 pounds (about 600 million won) a week. If he leaves the team, he won’t be able to earn a comparable wage. Therefore, Hazard is determined to remain with the team.

He has previously expressed his intention to remain. In an interview with Spain’s Cadenacope, Hazard said, “Would you like to fill the remaining year? Of course I have a good relationship with the club and the players. I want to play, but I know it is very difficult. I hope to play more. We have to hope and work hard.”

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