KT Rolster Kim “Aiming” Haram discusses the team’s 10-game winning streak.

KT defeated DRX 2 to 1 in the sixth week of the regular season of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer League at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Saturday. With the win, KT improved to 11-1 (+18) and remained in sole possession of second place in the standings.

KT has won 10 consecutive matches. They are undefeated since suffering their first and last loss of the season to Genji last month. “This is the first time I’ve won 10 matches in a row since debuting as a professional gamer,” said Kim Har-ram in the press room after the game, “and I’m even more proud because it was achieved after a hard-fought match.”

“The team’s momentum is good these days. We were expecting a 2-0 win today, but DRX was stronger than we thought. They played hard,” he said. “In the Banpic, we also felt that our opponent was well prepared. We gained a lot from the match as well,” he added.

KT was in trouble early on in the third set when they were heavily outplayed by their jungler. Later in the game, they barely managed to come back with a side run. “They came in to hunt down Baron Nasher and siege our turret,” said Kim Haram. When I got Taliyah and Maokai in the mid, I realized that the game was finally playable,” he recalled.

He also revealed that he adjusted the tiers for Maokai supporters. “When DRX first picked Maokai, I honestly thought we were going to win,” he said, “but the laning was harder than I thought, and the variables from the ultimate in a one-hit situation were tricky. I felt like we needed to adjust the tier,” he explained.

As for Kaisa, whom he’s been picking explicitly lately, he describes him as an “all-around champion.” “He can infight, he can ping-pong. She does a lot of damage, which is good,” he said, adding, “We’re a very good one-hit team. Kaisa’s strength is also in hantas, which makes him stand out even more.”

Regarding KT’s next opponent, DPL Gia, he noted that “their supporters have changed” and that “they would be a different team than the one we analyzed earlier.” “We’ll have to work on the things we didn’t do well in our recent games and prepare our banspikes meticulously to win,” said Kim Haram, adding, “We’ll work on our lane mistakes and lack of detail in the early game 오래된토토사이트.”

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