Kim Cheon Sangmu and Seong Han-soo, the coach, praised Won Doo-jae for performing well as a center back.

Gimcheon drew without scoring in the 13th round of Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 with FC Anyang, which was held at Gimcheon Sports Complex at 4 pm on the 13th. With this, with 7 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses and 23 points, they succeeded in recapturing the lead by beating Gimpo FC (23 points), who had played one less game, with multiple points.

Coach Seong Han-soo, who held an official press conference after the game, said, “I ordered the players not to concede in the first half, but it ended without a goal. In the second half, I ordered that the back space would be opened when the opponent was away and the amount of activity was analyzed. He asked to actively join the attack. There were many good situations, but we couldn’t score.”

Midfielder Won Doo-jae played as center back. He showed stable defense with Kim Jae-woo. Manager Seong Han-soo gave a thumbs up, saying, “Won Doo-jae did a good job as center back.” 먹튀검증

Opponent came out rough. Anyang had 16 fouls and 3 warnings. Kim Cheon recorded 4 fouls and 2 warnings.

In response, coach Seong Han-soo said, “I always have meetings with the players about this. ‘The opponent doesn’t leave us alone and harasses us roughly’. You have to overcome it to be able to play well. If you come out nervous, your concentration on the game may be disturbed. We talk often,” he confessed.

Before the season, Gimcheon was ranked in the first round. Currently, they are in the lead, but they are within range of 3 points to 5th place. When asked how he felt after completing one lap in the first round, coach Seong Han-soo said, “The football I want is to have the ball in the opponent’s area from the beginning of the first half, make the opponent run a lot, and then aim for goals. The offense is going well to a certain extent, but the defense makes mistakes that are too complacent and shakes at set pieces. We need to improve our concentration.”

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