A former Premier League star footballer who once made his name as a Manchester City prospect is receiving criticism for walking a tiger on the street.

Britain’s The Sun reported on the 17th that “Man City Flop risks inciting outrage for animal rights while filming walking his pet tiger on the street.”

Former Manchester City defender Jason Denial has defied the wrath of animal lovers for taking a walk with a chained tiger. He boasted by posting the video on his social media.

The Belgian international spent five years at Manchester City but never played for the first team. After leaving for Sunderland on loan, he performed well, and after moving again to Celtic in the Scottish League, he became the league champion.

Denial was sent on loan to various clubs for four years, until he moved to Turkiye Galatasaray SK, but he did not join the first team squad.

The 27-year-old started to impress after moving to French side Lyon in 2018. Yeah he was even picked for the Belgian national team. Denaial, who played for Lyon for four years, moved to UAE’s Al Shabab Al-Ahli ahead of this season and is active in the Middle East.

It seems that the place where the tiger took a walk is the United Arab Emirates. He is taking a really grown-up tiger for a walk on the street. Of course, it’s on a leash, but carrying a tiger can be intimidating to others. Denaial, who is playing as a center back, put a chain around the tiger’s neck. But it’s old, the rust is sweeping away

As if to show off his appearance, Denial captioned the video 메이저놀이터 “Walking my cat.” It is offensive to describe a tiger as a cat (of course, a tiger is a feline animal), but it would be reprehensible to take such a large beast for a walk on a street where ordinary people walk.

Maybe that’s why Denial blocked comments on the video on Instagram. It was because I knew that the fans’ criticism would be obvious.

Of course, some fans said, “The Lion King with tigers” and “You are the best” did not hold back their praises.

Meanwhile, former Manchester United striker Memphis Depay posted a picture of himself with baby Liger on social media in 2020, and was criticized by fans for animal cruelty. At the time, animal rights groups criticized Depay for keeping a liger, a cross between a lion and a tiger, as a pet.

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