Coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “Seongnam FC plans to recruit a new foreign striker.”

The Korea Professional Football Federation held the ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023 Opening Media Day’ at 1:00 pm on the 21st at The-K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul. Directors and representative players of 13 teams participating in the 2023 K-League 2, including Kim Cheon, Seongnam FC, and the new clubs Chungbuk Cheongju FC and Cheonan City FC, attended the media day.

Before the event, interviews were conducted with the coaches and players of each team. Coach Lee Ki-hyung, who will lead Seongnam FC from this season, also revealed his aspirations ahead of the season.

Coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “There are a lot of player changes this season, and new players have arrived. It was a bit difficult in the beginning, but now we are preparing in a framework that requires a lot of stamina, such as simple and clear challenging play, forward pressure, and quick switching between offense and defense. Ahead of the opening of the league, I gained a lot of confidence, and I have seen what we need to improve. Overall, I am satisfied with the preparation process for the season, including training,” he said, preparing ahead of the season.

Director Lee Ki-hyeong worked as a technical committee member at TSG (Technology Research Group) until last year. He returned to the ground after a long absence through the coaching position of Seongnam FC ahead of this season after leaving the field. It’s been a long time since he held the baton, but coach Lee Ki-hyung said that he was able to not miss the flow of K-League 2 thanks to TSG activities.

Coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “I was away from the field, but I watched a lot of K-League 2 games and understood the flow while playing TSG. I think I was more active in training because I was well aware of the players and the team’s tendencies. I feel that the team is being built well overall.” He pointed out that TSG activities were helpful.

I also asked about Director Lee Ki-hyung’s ‘Hell Training’. During the Namhae off-season training, Seongnam players such as Shim Dong-woon, Kim Young-gwang, and Shin Jae-won gave their tongues to coach Lee Ki-hyung’s intensive training. Even veterans like Shim Dong-woon and Kim Young-kwang said it was the hardest training they had ever done.

Coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “From the beginning, we told the players that we were playing a game that focused on forward pressure and switching between offense and defense, and that physical strength should be the basis. The players were struggling because we kept talking during training, but I think they overcame it well,” he praised the players. 토토사이트

When the players brought up the story that coach Lee Ki-hyung said was scary, coach Lee Ki-hyung laughed and said, “Professional players have responsibilities. So when I was training, I also said that during that time, I and the players should show a professional appearance. Instead, after the training is over, we play together and talk well. So I think the players might be afraid of me during training.”

I also asked about what many coaches say, ‘1st round, 12th middle’. In the first round of 12, it is expected that 12 teams will compete fiercely, excluding Kim Cheon, who boasts an overwhelming power.

Coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “I wonder how far the team can go. There are many players who are difficult to call anyone the best member of another team. Most of the players either got a second chance or missed it. So I always emphasize to the players that we have to come together and overcome. These parts were conveyed well to the players, and I think they overcame the training well thanks to that. If everyone exerts a synergistic effect, good performance or results will come out.”

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