Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham), who returned to the English Premier League (EPL) after achieving his dream of advancing to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, is moving towards another record. He becomes the 34th ‘EPL 100 Club’ subscriber in EPL history by adding just 3 goals in the league.

September 20, 2015 (hereinafter Korean time) is the day 카지노사이트. when Son Heung-min, who transferred from Leverkusen (Germany) to Tottenham Hotspur ahead of the 2015-2016 season, scored his EPL debut goal. Son Heung-min, who shook the net with a left-footed shot following a storm run against Crystal Palace, announced his arrival on the English stage with a ceremony with his arms wide open.

Son Heung-min’s scoring cannon started in earnest from his second season. In the 2016-2017 season, he scored 14 goals (34 games) in the league alone and took the lead, scoring double-digit league goals every season and becoming the EPL representative goal scorer. In the 2019-2020 season, he surpassed the 50th goal mark in 151 EPL career games. At the time, the International Football Federation (FIFA) praised Son Heung-min as “the first Asian player to score 50 goals” and “made another history.”

Son Heung-min continued to pour out meaningful records. In the 2019-2020 season EPL Round 16 against Burnley, he broke through 6 defenders and scored a goal after running about 70m. For this goal, FIFA awarded the Pushkasi Award to the player who scored the most beautiful goal throughout the world in 2020. . Last season, he scored a total of 23 goals (35 games), becoming the first Asian player to become the first EPL scorer in history. Until last season, the record was 93 goals and 46 assists in 232 EPL matches. This season, he added 4 goals and 2 assists (16 games) to 97 goals and 48 assists.

There are 3 goals left to his 100th EPL goal. Starting with Arsenal and North London Derby on the 16th, there is a good chance of reaching the top of the 100th goal in three consecutive matches against Manchester City (20th) and Fulham (24th). British media 90min said, “If Son Heung-min scores a hat-trick against Arsenal, he can join the EPL 100 club.”

Since the launch of the EPL, only 33 players have stepped on the 100th goal tally. Alan Shearer (260 goals), Wayne Rooney (208 goals), Andy Cole (187 goals) and Thierry Henry (175 goals), who were the first to score the 100th goal. In England, they are collectively referred to as ‘EPL 100 Clubs’.

If you narrow the scope to active players, there are only four players belonging to the EPL 100 club. Son Heung-min’s colleagues include Harry Kane (198 goals), Jamie Vardy (134 goals, Leicester City), Mohamed Salah (127 goals, Liverpool), and Raheem Sterling (113 goals, Chelsea). Son Heung-min is the player with the most goals after them. Son Heung-min, who broke silence after 9 league games against Palace on the 5th of this month, said, “It was an important goal for confidence,” and said, “It came at an important time to get back on track.”

If Son Heung-min becomes a member of the 34th EPL 100 club, he can add another title as the first Asian player. Trinidad and Tobago’s Dwight York (121 goals) became the first non-England player to score 100 goals in the EPL, Didier Drogba (104 goals) was the first in Africa, and Sergio Aguero (184 goals) was the first in South America.

Considering that Son Heung-min succeeded in scoring double-digit points in the league for six consecutive seasons from the 2016-2017 season to last season, it is expected that he will be able to surpass the records of Cristiano Ronaldo (103 goals) and Drogba within this season.

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