Two starting pitchers who heated up the free agency (FA) market last year. Jacob deGrom (35) and Carlos Rodon (31). As expected by many, they are causing a lot of trouble.

DeGrom and Rodon signed last winter to 5-year, $185 million and 6-year, $162 million contracts with the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees, respectively.

These are starting pitchers with top-notch skills. However, the scary condition of ‘when healthy’ is attached. The reason why this condition is scary is because they are not healthy pitchers.

DeGrom is a major league baseball pitcher. He only played 15 and 11 games in the last 2021 season and last year, respectively. It has already been three years since he played a season in good health.

As a result, the New York Mets gave up their contract with deGrom. Many judged that the New York Mets were right. The team that caught this degrom was the Texas Rangers.

Texas gave deGrom a five-year, $185 million contract. Since then, deGrom has been in trouble since spring training, and he is now on the disabled list.

DeGrom, who is on the mound in normal physical condition, is the best throwing pitcher, but he is also a ticking time bomb who never knows when he will be injured.

Rodon’s case is even worse. He hasn’t played a single game this season. Also, his specific rehabilitation and return schedule are not exactly known. 안전놀이터

The problem is that this was foreseeable. Rodon failed to win a major contract even after finishing fifth in the American League Cy Young Award voting in the 2021 season.

This is because all teams knew about Rodon’s physical condition. Afterwards, Rodon chose free agency, and recorded an average ERA of 2.88 in 31 games last year.

Is it because he played 178 innings in 31 games last year? The New York Yankees gave Rodon a 6-year, $162 million contract. This was the beginning of the disaster.

DeGrom and Rodon are undeniably attractive starting pitchers. But it is like a ticking time bomb. This is because the player who should be on the mound is on the injured list.

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