“We desperately need an attacker to make the decision…”

Choi Yong-soo, head coach of Gangwon FC, could not shake off his sorrowful expression. This is because the first win of the season keeps running away due to a meager squad.

Gangwon lost 0-2 in the home game against Incheon in the 7th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at the main stadium of Songam Sports Town in Chuncheon on the 16th.

As a result, Gangwon failed to report a win in its 7th game (3 draws and 4 losses) since the opening with 2 consecutive losses. 먹튀검증

In the first half, it was a game that was virtually a win or loss. In the first half of the offensive line confrontation, Incheon had the upper hand. Incheon used the rookie Chun Seong-hun for the first time and made changes to the front line, operating a threatening front line of Jerso, Chun Sung-hoon, and Hernandez, while Gangwon, with a weak squad, had no choice but to use the previous lineup of Kim Dae-won, Dino, and Yang Hyun-jun.

Coach Choi first bowed his head to the home fans about the defeat, and then expressed his grievances due to the lack of offensive resources and sluggish performance. The following is an excerpt from the post-game interview with coach Choi.

-I couldn’t report my first victory today.

▶We prepared to show good results in front of the home fans, but unfortunately we lost again. I’m sorry. After the first goal was lost, the overall judgment was blurred, and the game management was not good as there were many small mistakes and pass misses. Although we are going through a difficult time, we must do our best to overcome it quickly and bring back a good mood.

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