Can Korea University, the ‘defending champion’, bring back good memories?

Korea University will hold a field training in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, for about two weeks from the 13th (Mon) to the 25th (Sat). Korea University, which reached the top of both the U-League and MBC Cup last year, also held off-season training in Geoje last offseason.

Korea University, which visited Geoje for two consecutive years, warmed up through weight training and its own tactical training, and is raising its sense of real combat by holding practice matches against high school teams such as Muryong High School and Yeosu Hwayang High School.

Kim Do-eun (shoulder), Shin Ju-yeong (hamstring), and Lee Jae-min (cruciate ligament) could not accompany the team due to injuries, but freshmen Moon Yoo-hyeon, Yoon Ki-chan, Yu Min-soo, and Lee Dong-geun joined the main force such as Park Moo-bin and Moon Jung-hyun.

On the other hand, on the 16th (Thursday), Korea University held a practice game against Muryong High School and Yeosu Hwayang High School, and focused on refining the prepared defense and harmonizing the pattern play rather than winning or losing or scoring. 청소년토토사이트

Coach Joo Hee-jung checked the condition of the players by operating an active rotation, and added various options to the team by entrusting reading to Kim Jae-hyeon and Moon Jeong-hyeon. On defense, he focused on switch defense and directed the players.

Director Joo said, “Last year, I had a field training in Geoje and the atmosphere rose a lot. In fact, there are many reviews saying that our team’s height has decreased, but I think a good forward resource has joined. The forward basketball that has been prepared since last season must bear fruit this year. Through field training, players will be able to lift their bodies and develop more than last year. The goal is to win an integrated championship without defeat.”

It remains to be seen whether Korea University, which won the championship last season with unrivaled performance, can keep its top spot.

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