Daejeon Hana Citizen’s core midfielder Lee Jin-hyun spent a good time with the children and recharged his energy.

Daejeon Hana announced through a press release on the 19th that it visited Daeryong Elementary School in Daejeon on the 18th and held the first Hana Dream School event in 2023. Hana Dream School is a social contribution activity in which professional soccer players belonging to Daejeon Hana visit elementary and middle schools in Daejeon to provide direct soccer coaching.

In this Hana Dream School event, Lee Jin-hyun and Cho Yoo-min, who are making great strides in the 2023 season, participated. The two players had a great time not only guiding the students one by one, but also playing mini-games together. After the program, there was an autograph session and a commemorative photo session.

Lee Jin-hyun said, “The energy of the children is overflowing with energy whenever I meet them.” He said, “I was excited because the children welcomed me and actively participated. I am proud to see the children I like, and I hope many come to the stadium.” 스포츠토토

A 5th grade student from Daeryong Elementary School, who participated in the program, said, “I am learning soccer hard because my dream is to become a soccer player. It was like a dream that the players taught me soccer and played together. But I will take over today’s energy and cheer hard.”

Hana Dream School has been running since 2021 to provide students with an opportunity to explore their dreams of becoming a soccer player and to promote a pleasant school life. From the 2023 season, it is planned to be held at eight schools from May to October.

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