In five at-bats, Ryu Ji-hyuk (KIA) saw a whopping 29 pitches, and his tenacious baseball played right into the hands of his hometown Doosan.

Ryu Ji-hyeok started at first base in the seventh game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League against Doosan at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Monday, going 2-for-4 with a double, two runs scored, and a walk to lead his team to a 7-3 victory. 메이저놀이터

From his first at-bat, he was relentless, harassing Doosan starter Kim Dong-ju. Working against a 1B-2S count, he cut three pitches to make it 2B-2S, then took an eight-pitch slider for a triple to right-center. He then came home on a double by Koh Jong-wook to score the first run of the game.

After taking a breather with a grounder to the second baseman in the third inning for a 1-0 lead, Ryu Ji-hyuk showed his determination in his third at-bat. With the score tied at 2-2 in the fifth inning, Ryu had the bases loaded. He faced Kim Dong-joo again, this time for a 1B-2S, but fouled off a foul-ball-ball-ball-ball-ball-ball-ball-ball and continued his at-bat, taking a 10-pitch 145-kilometer fastball to center field. He then took advantage of Koh Jong-wook’s misplayed double and came home to break the 2-2 tie. It was the final run of the game.

Ryu Ji-hyuk’s performance continued. In the top of the sixth inning with a 5-3 lead, Ryu drew a six-pitch walk off Kim Myung-shin with the bases loaded after a stolen base by Park Chan-ho. He made a good catch on a forked ball at 3B-2S. He then struck out swinging with one out in the top of the eighth to end the at-bat with a 6-3 lead.

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