KBO conducts customized training to improve the skills of promising players.

KBO will hold the first training of the ‘2023 KBO Next-Level Training Camp’ at the Gijang-KBO Baseball Center on the 25th.

This camp, which is operated with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Agency, improves the skills of promising players during the youth period with high skill acquisition and training effects through excellent coaching and customized physical training, and further promotes youth baseball, the root of the KBO league. It is being pursued for the purpose of development.

The first training is from the 25th to February 6th for a total of 12 nights and 13 days, and is conducted for 40 standing players of the Little Baseball team selected by 바카라사이트 the Little Baseball Federation.

In this camp, professional trainers participate as coaches for each position, providing technical guidance through accumulated know-how and a program of professional trainers.

Following last year, Jang Jong-hun, former Hanwha and Lotte coach, was appointed as the coach to lead this camp, and battery coach Kim Dong-soo, hitting coach Lee Jong-yeol, Cha Myung-joo, pitching coach Hong Min-goo, and defense coach Kim Min-woo worked together to train youth through field training and field training. guide dreamers.

Throughout the camp, physical training is also conducted to develop the bodies of growing youth players suitable for baseball. A professional trainer dispatched by the Korea Athlete Trainer Association will identify body parts and abilities and present customized training methods based on them.

In addition, Oh Joo-han, chairman of the KBO Medical Committee, will be invited to learn the basic knowledge necessary to prevent injury through education, and character education such as anti-corruption and school violence will be conducted to learn the basic knowledge that baseball players should have as a member of society. will be enriched.

For this camp, Gijang-gun, Busan provided all training facilities, including a little-softball field and netting in the Gijang-KBO Baseball Center, Jangancheon Baseball Stadium in Jangan-eup, and an indoor gym in the Gijang-gun National Sports Center. Provided sports science education and water and Pocari Sweat for hydration.

Meanwhile, KBO plans to conduct the second training of the Next-Level Training Camp for 30 high school players selected by the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) in Seogwipo, Jeju, from February 8 (Wednesday).

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