Suwon Samsung coach Lee Byeong-geun wants to use Ansan Greeners and FA Cup third round as an opportunity to rebound.

Suwon will play the 3rd round of the FA Cup against K-League 2 Ansan at 7pm on the 12th at Ansan Wa~ Stadium. 

Suwon failed to win even one win in the K-League 1 this season. With 2 draws and 4 losses, they are at the bottom of the 12 teams. A change of atmosphere is desperately needed. It’s the FA Cup, but if you get your first win, you can expect a rebound. 

Coach Lee Byeong-geun, who faced reporters before the game, said, “There were so many games and there were injured players, so it was difficult to recruit players. Myung Jun-jae and Lee Sang-min will play in new positions. I am worried about what to do,” he said, “if these players do well, I think it will be a good opportunity for our team to gain strength.” 

“The tactics and strategies we always want to do are what we have been doing through training. I wonder if I can handle (the new position) well. We are a team that has to produce results in this game. If I can produce results, I wonder if I can gain strength in the future. I hope it will be a game where we can win and bounce back.” 

Opponent Ansan also operates the rotation for this game and conducts experiments. Ansan coach Lim Jong-heon appointed striker Kim Gyeong-jun as a central midfielder. Coach Lee Byung-geun said, “It seems that the FA Cup is extremely defensive and new tactics are coming out, so goals are not easy to come out. I wish I could finish (the match) within 90 minutes. I have a game two days later, so I need to conserve my stamina. I think it would be better to finish the game within 90 minutes and prepare for the match against Jeju United in peace.” 

In case of any unforeseen circumstances, key members Lee Ki-je, Basani, and Mulich were included in the waiting list. Coach Lee Byung-geun said, “The FA Cup is always difficult. I have Mulich or Lee Ki-je on standby in case the goal doesn’t come out well. I’m trying to finish it in 90 minutes no matter what.” 먹튀검증

Yeom Ki-hoon will play for the first time this season. Manager Lee Byeong-geun said, “Ki-hoon plays as an attacking midfielder. His physical condition seems to make him play better as an attacking midfielder than as a wing forward. A lot of young players played and a lot of new players came in. He asked me to pay attention to ball management and connection play on the offensive side. He also asked me to play a role in holding the team when it was organizationally shaken. There may be some shortcomings because it is the first game today, but I think it will help the team if I play my role well within the given time.”

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