Arsenal claimed that if Kim Min-jae went to Manchester United, Arsenal would benefit.

The British ‘Sports Bible’ argued on the 17th (Korean time) that “Arsenal could get a surprise transfer profit if Man U and Kim Min-jae sign a contract.” Manchester United are actively stepping out to bring Kim Min-jae. Reporter Fabricio Romano, who has high public confidence in the European transfer market, said that it was not yet at the stage of an agreement, but said that he was clearly interested.

Manchester United may not be guaranteed playing time as they have Lisandro Martinez and Rafael Varane, but if they organize surplus centerbacks such as Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof, and Eric Bailly, they will be able to play consistently enough. If Kim Min-jae goes to Manchester United, he will become the 15th English Premier League (EPL) Korean leaguer and the first player to wear a Manchester United uniform 11 years after Park Ji-sung. 토토사이트

Napoli are already looking for a centre-back to replace Kim Min-jae, who is likely to join Manchester United. Candidates include Giorgio Scalvini, Merich Demiral (Atalanta), Julian Timber (Ajax), and Danilo Toeki (Union Berlin). Konstantinos Mavrapanos (Stuttgart) is also on the list. Mavropanos is a center back for the Greek national team and has strong physical strength.

He is from Arsenal. He went to Arsenal in 2017 and was given a chance to play, but was classified as a bench option. After going on loan to Nuremberg, he played on loan in Stuttgart for two years and transferred completely in 2022. He has shown good form this season as well, and a transfer is likely. He said that along with Inter Milan, Wolverhampton and Fulham, Napoli are also targeting Mavro Panos.

‘Sports Bible’ said, “Arsenal benefits only when Marbofanos transfers. Mavropanos left Arsenal last summer, but there is a cell-on clause.” The sell-on clause is a clause in which a player who has already transferred receives a portion of the transfer fee when transferring next time. Arsenal added this clause when sending to Stuttgart.

The transfer fee for Mavropanos was 13 million euros (approximately 18.8 billion won). You will receive some of these if you go to Naples. It is noteworthy whether a deal that satisfies Napoli, Manchester United, and Arsenal will occur consecutively.

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