Praise for Kim Min-jae (27) came out again. This time, it is defensive partner Amir Rahmani (29, Naples).

Italy’s Arenanapoli said on the 26th (Korean time), “Amir Rahmani praised SSC Napoli coaches Min-jae Kim and Luciano Spalletti.”

Currently, Napoli, led by Spalletti, is in first place in Italy’s Serie A with 50 points (16 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss). The difference between AC Milan (38 points) and second place is 12 points. 카지노

According to the report, Kim Min-jae’s defensive partner Rahmani, who conducted an interview with ‘Radio Goal’, said, “Kim Min-jae is a really strong player. He is doing a great job. He knows exactly what the coach wants and he has perfectly integrated into our football.” He praised Kim Min-jae.

“Under Spalletti, we are playing great football and it’s all thanks to the manager. He always tells us to stay calm because we have a lot left in the season,” he said.

“We always have to race for the three points, even if we don’t always succeed. We have to get over the little moments of struggle. I had a pretty serious injury, but luckily I’m fine now,” said Rahmani.

Rahmani continued, “I think we’re halfway to winning the league. I hope the momentum continues. Nothing has been achieved yet. It’s too early to talk about winning. If the defense is good, the ball goes to the attackers.”

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