With the San Diego Padres continuing to extend contracts with key players, infielder Kim Ha-seong (28) has emerged as the next candidate. 

On the 2nd (hereafter Korean time), San Diego signed a 7-year, $80 million contract extension with infielder Jake Cronenworth. All-weather infielder Cronenworth, who was recently selected as an All-Star for two consecutive years, was guaranteed a contract from next year to 2030. He would spend the remaining two years of salary adjustment eligibility and his first five years of free agency with San Diego. 

As a result, San Diego has signed long-term contracts of five years or longer with six players over the past eight months. Pitchers Darvish Yu (6 years, $108 million), Joe Musgrove (5 years, $100 million), Robert Suarez (5 years, $46 million), infielders Manny Machado (11 years, $350 million), Xander Bo Following Guts ($280 million in 11 years), Cronenworth also joined the ranks. 

MLB.com said: ‘Cronenworth’s seven-year contract is both completely unexpected and entirely reasonable. Cronenworth was guaranteed a long-term contract, and San Diego has a versatile and valuable force. It was evaluated as a win-win contract. Cronenworth, who has been active in the offense and defense as an All-Star second baseman for the past two years, moved to first base this year as Kim Ha-seong moved to second base with the joining of giant gun shortstop Bogarts.

MLB.com picked pitchers Blake Snell and Josh Hader as San Diego’s next extension contract candidates. Both players will become free agents after this season. However, the possibility was low in that the contract had not been signed until the season began. There is a case where Musgrove extended the contract last year in August during the season, but he also added an explanation that the situation is different from Musgrove, who lowered the ransom because he wanted to remain in his hometown team.  바카라사이트

At the same time, Kim Ha-seong was mentioned as a candidate for the next extension contract. MLB.com predicted the possibility of an extension of his contract, saying, “Ha-seong Kim, a defensive genius with a contract until 2024, has become a favorite player of San Diego fans.” Ha-seong Kim, who signed a 4+1 year contract with San Diego in December 2020 for up to $39 million, could become a free agent after next season at the earliest. The 2025 $7 million contract is a mutual option, so if one side gives up, it becomes a free agent.

MLB.com picked center fielder Trent Grisham as another candidate for an extended contract, saying, ‘Like Cronenworth, there are two years of salary adjustment eligibility left. If he overcomes last year’s slump and continues the upswing he showed in the postseason, San Diego can catch him at a reasonable level,” he added. “It’s all speculation at this point.” 

“We need a lot of talented players,” San Diego general manager AJ Preller said. Then you need stability. “For the next 10 years, the championship level players we believe in will continue to be here.” 

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