I stood on the mound again after 3 years of wandering, but the regret was greater than I expected. 

Choi Choong-yeon, a fireball player who was nominated in the first round by the Samsung Lions, pitched in 38 games last year and took one loss without a win. His earned run average is 4.70. His performance in July was dazzling. He took the mound nine times and he pitched well with a 2.70 earned run average. 

Choi Choong-yeon, who met at the Akama Ball Park in Okinawa, Japan, where Samsung’s spring camp was set up, expressed regret that he could not continue the good trend of July. 

Choi Chung-yeon climbed the mound as the 5th pitcher in the 7th inning against the Chunichi Dragons at Chatan Stadium on the 12th and recorded 2 hits, 2 walks and 1 run in 1 inning. 

He said, “The balance was really good. I had to maintain it, but after it collapsed once, I had a hard time regaining my former form.”

He also confidently said, “There is a difference between bullpen pitching and actual fighting, but I feel that I am still lacking in preparation. 

Choi Chung-yeon is popular with her colleagues because of her easy-going personality. He is especially well taken care of by his seniors. He said that Baek Jung-hyun’s advice was very helpful, saying, “I am so grateful that the hyungs said a lot of good things and took good care of me.”

“I’ve been throwing only with my strength during training, but it really touched me when Hyung Jung talked about the importance of pitching. Thanks to him, I changed my thinking and training method as a pitcher, and I’m definitely getting better.” told  토토사이트

Choi Choong-yeon, who has been in her 8th year as a pro. His juniors have also grown considerably. He also felt a greater sense of responsibility to do well. He said, “I have to do well this year. There are also parts that I am looking forward to. I didn’t throw my ball properly against Chunichi, but I think it will be much better if I throw it as much as I did in bullpen pitching. I predicted. 

Choongyeon Choi often hears that her expression has become brighter recently. “Isn’t it said, ‘Blessing comes when you smile’. During the camp, training is difficult, but I think everyone is the same, not just me. I think smiling during difficult times is more helpful to the team atmosphere than frowning.” A more mature look. 

Director Park Jin-man’s keyword is competition. A player who is good at baseball gets a chance. Choi Chung-yeon knows this well. He emphasized, “It is always a series of competitions. He has no choice but to do well unconditionally.” 

Recalling the memory of having the best year since his debut in 2016, recording 2 wins, 6 losses, 8 saves and 16 holds (3.60 ERA) in 70 games in 2018, he said, “As a player, I have to move forward, but I feel like I am staying where I am. I’m trying everything,” he expressed his earnest heart.

There is no such thing as a so-called numerical goal. Choi Choong-yeon said, “The player the team needs is the main player and the main player. My goal is to become the player the team needs.”

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