The disciple he converted to a fullback when he was a freshman in college went through the K-League rookie of the year, won his own team a championship in 17 years, and is now a national team player.

The late coach Yoo Sang-cheol is waiting in the sky for his student Seol Young-woo’s A-match debut.

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will have a home game against Uruguay in the March A-match evaluation match at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 28th.

Korea, which drew 2-2 in an evaluation match with Colombia held in Ulsan on the 24th, returned to Uruguay, which drew 1-1 with the Japanese national team in Tokyo, Japan on the same day, 4 months after a 0-0 draw in the first leg of the World Cup group stage last November. have a match

In the match against Colombia, left fullback Kim Jin-soo collapsed due to a back injury, and Ki-je Lee was substituted. After the game, Kim Jin-soo was eventually forced to be called up from the national team due to an injury.

Seol Young-woo was urgently summoned as a replacement member for Kim Jin-soo. Seol Young-Woo’s first call to the A national team. Seol Young-woo expressed his determination, “An opportunity came to me unexpectedly due to Jin-su’s injury. I wish him a speedy recovery. 스포츠토토 Also, as a glorious opportunity has come to me, I want to seize it.”

There is someone who will be most delighted with the selection of Seol Young-woo for the national team. The late director Yoo Sang-chul, who is in the sky. Korean football legend Yoo Sang-chul passed away in June 2021 after battling pancreatic cancer.

Coach Yoo Sang-cheol recommended Seol Young-woo, who was a winger who scored many goals, to change his position to fullback when he was a freshman at the University of Ulsan.

After changing his position to fullback at this time, Seol Young-woo continued to play fullback and became a player recognized enough to win the 2021 K League 1 Young Player Award (Rookie of the Year).

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