I obviously blocked it, but it’s behind me. The blonde duo from South Chungcheong Province attacks the opponent’s defense.

Chungnam Asan suffered a 1-2 come-from-behind defeat to Kim Cheon in the first round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex on March 1 at 4:00 pm.

Duarte, who came on as a substitute, drew attention. Duarte came to Asan Chungnam after passing through Gwangju FC, Seoul E-Land, and Ansan Greeners. He is an experienced foreigner with more than 100 K-League appearances. He is a foreigner recruited by Chungnam Asan after two years, and he is also the highest paid player. Duarte, who can shake the side based on his foot skills, dribbling and mobility, seemed to be a great help to the Chungnam Asan offense.

From the first game, the performance was great. He came on as a substitute and changed the quality of his game. he was very lively He constantly pressed and added his vitality with his long-term ball control and left-footed shooting. After the introduction of Duarte, Chungnam-Asan’s attack quality improved and threatening shots came out one after another. Most of them were made through Duarte. In the 4th minute of the second half, he directly shook the net to give Duarte the lead.

Even after scoring, Duarte’s influence was great. When Kim Cheon started to push, he also contributed defensively, and during counterattacks, he quickly went up and added numbers. Chungnam Asan, which maintained a good flow, conceded a goal to Lee Sang-min in the 40th minute of the second half, and Cho Young-wook in extra time in the second half, allowing a come-from-behind defeat. It was a bitter defeat, but Duarte was praised enough.

In an interview with Mixed Zone after the match, Duarte said, “It’s a pity we lost today, but we scored a goal and our team is a good team, so I have faith that we will do better.” At the time of the replacement, when coach Park Dong-hyuk asked what to order, he said, “Go in and do as much as you want, he said. So I was able to play more comfortably.”

Coach Park Dong-hyuk said at a press conference after the game, “Duarte did well. I realized again that he is a real-life player who does better than in practice.” Regarding this, Duarte replied, “During practice, my body can get hurt, so I tend to relax. During matches, I show my 100% skills.” 먹튀검증

Duarte’s hair color is very similar to wingback Lee Hak-min, who is also on the right, with blonde hair. When we ran together, I got confused about who was who. The two of them were in good harmony, so the connection between giving and dropping the pass was excellent. From the standpoint of the opponent’s defense, it was to the point of confusion as to who was blocked and who was pierced.

“Is it a strategy?” he laughed at the light question and wittily said, “I wanted to confuse the opponent’s defense when the two of us run. There is such a strategic thing hidden.”

Finally, he concluded the Mixed Zone interview by saying, “Even though my goal is 15 goals, my goal is for the team to win. The number of goals doesn’t matter, I only look at the team winning. I’m alone in the team, but I’m very comfortable.”

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