When it comes to speed, two ‘PSG players’, Kylian Mbappe and Ashraf Hakimi, who are saddened by speed, are about to face off.

France and Morocco will face each other in the quarterfinals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which will be held at the Al Bait Stadium in Alcor, Qatar at 4:00 am (Korean time) on the 15th. France beat England in the quarterfinals, Morocco beat Portugal to advance to the semifinals.

France’s momentum is fierce. France secured a place in the semifinals with all wins, except for the loss against Tunisia, which operated a large rotation. The luck of being in relatively bad matchups such as Australia, Denmark, and Poland also played a role, but in the quarterfinals, they showed off their dignity as the ‘defending champions’ by winning against ‘formidable enemies’ England after a good performance.

Morocco is not easy either. They beat strong players one after another with extreme ‘silly soccer’ and reached the semifinals for the first time among African countries. Even in the difficult group of Croatia, Belgium, and Canada, they won the group undefeated (2 wins, 1 draw), and in the tournament round, they defeated the ‘champion candidates’ Spain and Portugal in succession with their football. 안전놀이터

Now the real test has come. Morocco meets strong favorites France. Unlike previous opponents who have been disappointed up front, France are one of the most complete teams offensively in the World Cup. Kylian Mbappe, the top scorer in this tournament, and Olivier Giroud, who has been cleared of the stigma of ‘linked striker’, are more threatening than any striker Morocco has ever experienced.

The role of the Moroccan defense is important. It’s a bad thing that both Nayef Aggerd and Romain Sais, who were the previous main players, are injured, but defensive midfielder Sofiang Amrabat and Yang full-backs are strong enough to look for another ‘upset’.

The battlefield is on the left flank. ‘PSG teammates’ Mbappe and Ashraf Hakimi face enemies. Mbappe is becoming one of the protagonists of this tournament with his amazing performances that washed away various rumors and criticism surrounding him this season. Hakimi also led Morocco’s ‘four-legged legend’ by fully demonstrating her abilities in both karate and defense.

Their greatest strength is their speed. According to the soccer statistics media ‘Squawka’, Mbafe and Hakimi showed amazing speed at the top speed of ‘35.3 km per hour’ in this competition. The fact that they know each other well as teammates is also a factor that doubles the interest of this confrontation.

Will Hakimi put Mbappe to rest and make the first final in the 3rd continent? Or will Mbappe defeat Hakimi and challenge ‘another coronation’ against Lionel Messi? All soccer fans are paying attention to the results of the ‘collision at 35.3 km/h’.

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