When the Korean national team played overtime in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), they experienced a ‘match-up’ right from the 10th inning.

The WBC Organizing Committee has recently sent the tournament rules to the participating countries. The most notable part is the timing of the match. The organizing committee introduced match-ups from the 3rd tournament in 2013. At the time of the first introduction, the standard was 13 extensions. Even if it went into overtime, it normally started the inning without a runner until the 12th inning.

The starting point of the match continued to be pulled. In 2017, it was pulled to 11 overtimes, and this tournament was sped up to the 10th overtime.

However, the number of runners has changed. In the past, runners were put on first and second base, but now it has changed to only put them on second base. 온라인바카라. It is the same as the method introduced in the major leagues (MLB) from 2020.

One of the key points of this tournament, the pitch limit rule, was maintained as originally drafted. The pitch limit was put in place to prevent overuse of pitchers who had to go to play the regular season after the tournament. In practice games as well as in the main game, pitchers can only throw up to 49 balls. The maximum number of pitches in the finals is 65 per round, up to 80 after the quarterfinals, and up to 95 after the semifinals.

Rest days are also strict. If a pitcher throws more than 30 pitches, he must take a day off, and if he pitches more than 50 pitches, he must rest for four days. When you fight for two days, you should take a day off.

In this tournament, the ‘Otani Rule’, which was also an issue in MLB first, is also applied. If there is a player who has played as a starting pitcher and hitter, even if he comes off the mound, he can remain as the designated hitter and continue to play. MLB has been applying the rule in consideration of Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels).

Of course, it is yet to be seen if Ohtani will be competing in a dual wielder match at the tournament. As it is a game before the season and after this year, the Japanese national team can save on Ohtani as it gets FA (free agent) qualifications. The Japanese side is still avoiding an immediate answer to the appointment of Ohtani.

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