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The 2023 Major League Baseball season breaks hibernation on the 31st (Korean time) and opens. For the 2023 season, MLB kicks off a 162-game journey by setting several milestones.

This is the first MLB season to open simultaneously since 1968. It starts at different times in 15 stadiums across the country. In the meantime, it was opened by date, not simultaneously. Originally, the principle of simultaneous opening of 15 stadiums was established from last year, but it was canceled due to the lockout of the owners.

In addition, from the 2023 season, a groundbreaking rule revision can change the baseball game. Speed-up of the game and interest of baseball fans by pitching limit time, shift prohibition, base size expansion, etc. Fielders’ mound appearances can also be set up with a 10-point difference for the winning team and an 8-point difference for the losing team.

Three Korean major leaguers are included in the entry for the opening game. San Diego Padres second baseman Kim Ha-seong, Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman Choi Ji-man, and utility man Bae Ji-hwan. It is a very rare case for three fielders to be listed in Roston at the same time. In particular, 23-year-old Bae Ji-hwan is the youngest domestic player to enter the opening game. Choo Shin-soo and Choi Hee-seop have never been included in the opening game roster at the age of 23. Toronto Blue Jays Ryu Hyun-jin will make an active entry in the second half of the season after recovering from elbow ligament surgery.

However, Pittsburgh is still in rebuilding mode, making it almost impossible to advance to fall baseball. The players who can step on the playoff stage as a Korean leaguer are Kim Ha-seong and Ryu Hyun-jin. San Diego acquired offseason shortstop Xander Bogarts, starter Michael Waka, and designated hitter Matt Carpenter and Nelson Cruz. Fernando Tatis Jr., who changed his position to an outfielder, ends his suspension on April 21. The offensive power is expected to be much stronger. It is threatening the Los Angeles Dodgers, which have advanced to the postseason for 10 consecutive years, and is increasing their chances of winning the division.

The Toronto Blue Jays are candidates to compete with the New York Yankees for the American League East title. The AL East is an elite district, so even if you miss the district championship, it is always possible to advance to the playoffs with a wild card. Toronto recorded 92 wins and 70 losses last year and marked second place, 7.0 games behind the 99-win Yankees. 카지노사이트

Before the offseason, he signed Chris Bassett from the New York Mets as a free agent to strengthen his starting rotation. Around August in the second half, Ryu Hyun-jin’s addition can have the effect of further strengthening the selection. If his pitch is restored to normal, there is a possibility of stepping on the mound for the fall stage. The Arizona Diamondbacks traded catcher and outfielder Dalton Barshaw to reinforce the left-handed line. Toronto’s last district championship was in 2015.

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