There are times when the words ‘don’t be shy’ and ‘crisis is an opportunity’ are right. LG Twins is such a case.

LG’s Stove League was in jeopardy. Internal free agent Yoo Kang-nam and Chae Eun-seong could not be caught because of the salary cap. Hitting coach Lee Ho-jun flew to the Dominican Republic and found the foreign hitter who failed the medical test.

However, the players caught as an alternative are leading the rise of LG. It is truly a ‘treasure’ and ‘filial son’. Park Dong-won and Austin Dean are the main characters. Will the two of them rise to the level that fans want the most, ‘Championship Contractor’?

Park Dong-won and Austin hit home runs side by side in a home game against the Doosan Bears held in Jamsil on the 7th.

Park Dong-won fired a solo gun in the top of the second inning, leading 2-0, and fired a signal flare for a large number of points, and in the top of the 5th, with a lead of 8-1, he effectively ended the game with a two-run gun. Park Dong-won, who hit two homers, took the lead with 7 homers, surpassing Doosan Yang Seok-hwan (6) and leading the home run alone. LG, which failed to catch Yoo Kang-nam in FA negotiations, quickly turned its attention to negotiations with Park Dong-won and signed a contract for 6.5 billion won. It was expected that Park Dong-won’s slugging ability and throwing ability to second base would be of great help to the team, and Park Dong-won’s strengths are actually showing up in the game.

Austin also hit a home run that day. At the beginning of the second inning, when Park Dong-won hit a home run, Doosan Choi Seung-yong fired a three-run four with two out and first and second basemen. Season 3 home run.

Austin is showing himself the player LG has been looking for so far. He’s batting 4 and he’s batting 3.3 6 Lee (37-for-110) with 3 homers and 25 RBIs. He ranks high in various batting indicators, including 7th in batting average, 3rd in RBI, and 5th in most hits. He was originally selected as an outfielder, but he is also doing well in defending first base, and he is exactly filling the void left by Chae Eun-seong, who left for Hanwha.

He has a good personality, so he can talk without hesitation even to players he sees for the first time on the field, and always cheerfully brightens up the team atmosphere. He doesn’t steal many bases, but he runs very diligently and aggressively. 먹튀검증

I almost never met Austin. LG dispatched coach Lee Ho-jun to the Dominican Republic to find a new foreigner, and reached a contract with Abraham Almonte. However, in the medical test, a part that did not meet the club’s standards was found, and the contract was canceled, and then Austin was recruited. Almonte might have done well. But right now, I can say that my satisfaction with Austin is 100 points.

Amidst their performance, LG is in third place with 18 wins and 11 losses, 1.5 games behind first place SSG Landers. As the chaotic April passed, the team gradually found stability and its strengths were highlighted. And here, Austin and Park Dong-won are establishing themselves as key members.

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