Subanite Soccer Class, operated by Subanite Sports, has formed a TF team with real estate, interior, and marketing experts to enter the soccer class franchise business in earnest.

Subnite Soccer Class is currently operating in four regions, including its headquarters in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do. It started with four trainees in 2017 and now directly trains 1,500 players. Unlike existing soccer classes, it is characterized by organizing teams of all ages, from infants to adults, into hobby and elite teams.

The newly formed franchise business TF team will accurately analyze commercial areas and locations through real estate experts. The goal is to build soccer fields, futsal fields, and other sports spaces at the lowest cost in Korea, and marketing experts will be on hand to attract members. Prospective entrepreneurs can receive expert advice on starting a soccer class and futsal field to prepare for the academy business.

Based on the operating know-how of its Ansan, Bucheon, and Donghae centers accumulated over the past six years, Subnite plans to introduce its differentiated soccer training programs to more regions.

Subnite’s priority value is ‘player growth rather than team performance’. We decided to enter the franchise business to realize this value for prospective players and the general public. The main goal is to create a stable profit structure for not only the trainees but also the prospective founders (leaders) who run the centers themselves, and to create a win-win situation within the medium of ‘soccer’. 먹튀검증

“From the outside, soccer classes can be seen as a simple business that you can do if you have experience as a player,” said Lee Ju-hyun, CEO of SUBNITE. But when you go deeper, you realize that this is not the case. I’ve been running a soccer club for the past six years and have experienced many trials and errors myself. I don’t want new academy owners to have to go through the same experience. You don’t have to be a soccer player to run a soccer academy.”

Given the recent boom in women’s futsal, he adds, “I would like to see more coaches who are female soccer players, so I hope there will be many opportunities for women.”

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