A special exhibition commemorating the opening of the 2023 season continues in a joyful atmosphere in each region.

Starting with the LCK, the ‘2023 Season Opening Special’ is in full swing. Regions that have completed the special exhibition by 메이저사이트 the morning of the 11th are Vietnam’s VCS, Brazil’s CBLOL, and North America’s LCS.

In Vietnam, a total of 10 players from 6 teams participated, and GAM eSports ‘Levi’ Doduy Khan became the team leader of Team Red. Team Blue’s team leader was Tran Quoc Hung “Armetis”, a distance dealer of Cerberus eSports.

In the first set, Team Blue picked Zach, Dr. Mundo, Orn, Shen, and Taric, while Team Red picked Chogas, Gragas, Scion, Sejuani, and Poppy. Both teams showed a steel heart, and Team Blue, which endured the unfavorable situation in the beginning, took the first set.

In the second set that followed, all 10 players selected the distance dealer champion and engaged in a slugfest. In a situation where Team Red took Kalista, Ezreal, Kaisa, Ash, and Miss Fortune, and Blue took Draven, Bane, Kogmo, Tristana, and Twitch by switching camps, a total of 56 kills came out in 20 minutes. In the end, Team Blue won after a bloody battle with 121 kills in 45 minutes in the second set and won the championship with a set score of 2:0.

In Brazil’s CBLOL, players from 10 teams competed one by one and were divided into two teams to compete in a best-of-three match. Unlike VCS, the two teams competed with relatively serious picks, and Team DyNquedo won the set score 2:1.

In the LCS, players from 10 teams competed one by one to form a team. The Korean players who competed that day were Team Liquid’s ‘CoreJJ’ Yongin Cho and Cloud Nine (C9)’s ‘Berserker’ Mincheol Kim. Team Boomer, which Cho Yong-in belongs to, gained the upper hand by neutralizing Team Zoomer’s top-jungle, and preempted the first set with an overwhelming kill score of 35 to 12. 메이저사이트

In the 2nd set, Team Zumer, with Kim Min-cheol’s Caitlin at the forefront, won a thrilling come-from-behind victory with an ace in the 36th minute.

Meanwhile, from 4:00 pm (Korean standard) on the 11th, Japan’s LJL, China’s LPL, Southeast Asia’s PCS, Europe’s LEC, and Latin America’s LLA will hold special opening exhibitions in turn.

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